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Bane producer Chuck Dixon specified that he thinks Drax star Dave Bautista is the “ideal casting selection” for the infamous Batman villain.

Dixon’s remarks regarding Bautista occurred during his most recent Ask Chuck Dixon happening on YouTube.

Dixon was questioned by Kev K Man, “How would you respond regarding Dave Bautista performing Bane?”

Dixon replied, “Well, I feel ideal regarding it as he looks excited to play the role. 

And he is a Hispanic trump, a hombre, and appears to be a brilliant person, so he’d be capable of performing that phase of Bane. And of course, he has the physicality to perform my beloved Batman villain.”

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Dixon proceeded, “So, yeah, I’d feel much ideal regarding it. And because he’s so excited to do it.” Hence, Dixon did mark, “But you have to warn because Facebook is complete of postings regarding this guy would like to perform that character, and this person would like to play that cast, or this person would like to produce a film regarding this. 

It’s enthusiastic thinking that doesn’t imply it’s going to occur.” Dixon then said, “I believe Bautista is an ideal casting decision. But it’s not relevant to me. 

It’s up to a group of agents because they appear to control Hollywood these days.  He decided, “But perhaps someday it will occur. I’d love to view that.”

Bautista freshly made headlines when he announced he wanted to play Bane and had a conference with the Warner Bros. and DC Comics people to attempt and make it occur.

Bautista has questioned what DC cast he’d love to play provided a chance. He replied, “Oh, it would be Bane all day lengthy. I’ve made no mystery regarding this.”

He then described the conference he had with Warner Bros. and DC Comics, “I need to perform Bane so distressed I moved to Warner Bros., had an interview with them, had an engagement with DC, stepped in the door and told, ‘I want to perform Bane.’ I’m not joking.”

As for their reply, Bautista delivered, “They were a few like ‘Woah, we are not yet casting Bane.’ I was like, ‘I don’t bother, I’m presenting him.”

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