Socking News: Vaccinated U.K. Health Secretary Tests Positive For COVID-19

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Sajid Javid, the top government official in charge of dealing with the coronavirus, said that he has recently tested positive for the virus after being vaccinated.

In a video that was posted to Twitter, the health secretary spoke about his test results from a rapid lateral flow test. He was not sick and he is waiting for more accurate results.

Javid said he took the test after feeling a bit groggy the night before. He has had two doses of AstraZeneca’s vaccine and it seems that his symptoms are very mild.

England is ready to take back some of the rules now that it feels safer.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced that by Monday, face masks and social distancing requirements would be lifted. This includes limits on the number of people at concerts, sporting events or private gatherings. People can now order pints at the bar in pubs again, too.

300,000 people have the coronavirus in the U.K. That is up 40% from a week ago.

The delta variant, which spreads 225% faster than the original virus, is now found in 90% of all infections. It is also causing COVID-19 surges in some areas.

Two-thirds of British adults are vaccinated. Children can’t be vaccinated yet.

Javid is in favour of the national reopening. He said that vaccinations will help people build a “protective wall” to help them fight off the summer wave.

On Saturday, Javid encouraged people who are not vaccinated to get their shots. COVID-19 is a disease that can happen if you are around someone with it. You need to go get tested for it and make sure you don’t have it.

AstraZeneca says their vaccine protects people from death and from getting sick. 92% of people with the delta variant will not get as sick if they are vaccinated.

Mr. Javid is the new health secretary. He has been doing this for less than three weeks. The previous health secretary, Matt Hancock, stepped down in the middle of last month after he was caught on a closed-circuit TV kissing another man’s aide.


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