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Canelo Alvarez and Stephen Curry Play a Friendly Game of Golf

Canelo Alvarez, Stephen Curry

Stephen Curry is a very good player in basketball. He moves well without the ball and has quick reactions, so he can get shots off when there is no room. But when Stephen Curry plays people who don’t need to use their reflexes for other things, he isn’t as good because they are better than him at that game.

On Wednesday, at the American Century Championship celebrity golf tournament in South Lake Tahoe Nev. Curry was golfing with boxer Canelo Alvarez and challenged him to spar. When Curry threw an intentionally short punch at Alvarez, the professional fighter easily ducked away. When it was Alvarez’s chance to throw one at Curry? The two-time MVP was far too slow and was spared a nasty blow only through Alvarez’s mercy.

This is not the first time that Alvarez and Curry have played golf together. They did so in 2020 as well. The results were the same as last time – no different.

Curry is not the fastest or strongest player in the NBA. He doesn’t have a lot of gifts that most players do. But he is good at catching the ball. Curry also plays golf and does well there too. But boxers are different from basketball players because they need to work harder to get better at it and be able to beat someone like Alvarez in a boxing match.

Final Words

Canelo Alvarez and Stephen Curry had an exciting game of golf, which made for a great finish to the day. The two athletes were having fun playing with each other as they went head-to-head on the course. It was very clear that no matter who won or lost at this friendly match, it would have been worth watching!

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