Manifest Season 4: Release Date, Cast, Spoilers & Latest Updates 2021

Manifest is an American drama series about a commercial airline. Five years ago, the plane disappeared and everyone on board was presumed dead. Suddenly, the passengers reappear; the plane had crashed in Chicago. The show was very successful for three seasons with many fans who want to know if there will be another season soon. For information about Manifest Season 4, let’s go through the article.

Manifest Season 4 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer

Manifest Season 4 Release Date 2021?

As of now, we don’t know if there will be a season 4 of the show. There was supposed to be six seasons, but because the ratings have gone down and there are more pandemic rates, it is not likely that NBC will want to make a season 4.

There is no official premiere or release date for the show yet.

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Is manifest Season 4 cancelled or Not?

There are many questions about flight 828 and its passengers. The show started in 2018, giving season 1 a total of 16 episodes. We saw the end of season 2 in 2020. In June 2020, the show was renewed for a third season which premiered on April 1st 2021. But now we have news that says it has been cancelled after three seasons because all those who made it wanted to stop making it.

Manifest Seasons Plot Update

Those of you who have not watched Manifest yet should watch it right now! It is an awesome science-fiction thriller drama series. Flight 828 lands five years later where they were supposed to be.

When the plane from Jamaica to New York City arrived at Stewart International Airport, the people there were relieved after a rough flight. Little did they know that it had been over five and a half years on their flight. The 191 passengers and their crew learned that they were presumed dead when they landed. Everyone was in shock, but when they got out of the airport, everyone’s friends, family and colleagues had moved on because they thought those people died already.

The people realized they did not live the same lives as five years ago. They found a more important mystery in the situation and some of the passengers are meant for something greater than they could have thought.

The show is full of mystery, suspense, action and thrill. It’s in the English language and has 42 episodes. Netflix has it.

Cast & Characters in Manifest

The main characters in the show were

  • Melissa Roxburgh
  • Josh Dallas
  • Jack Messina
  • Parveen Kaur

They played the passengers of flight 828.

The other characters in the show were

  • Athena Karkanis
  • Luna Blaise
  • Matte Long
  • Holly Taylor

These other characters appeared twice or more during seasons 2 or 3 on the show.

The Trivia Related To Manifest Seasons

NBC made a call for a show called Manifest on August 23, 2017. They worked with Warner Bros. Television and Campari Entertainment to make the show. It started on June 19, 2018, and two years later in 2020, the second season aired on January 6th. The third season came out in 2021 on April 1st.

On June 14, 2021, it was announced that the Manifest had been cancelled. When season 3 ended on a cliffhanger, fans were still hopeful that some other platform might pick up the series. Jeff Rake says that the fans deserve closure to the series. However, he also added that they are no longer looking for another place to premiere the series.

We don’t know if the show will come out yet. But Rake said that they are trying to end the series. It might take a week, a month, or even a year to do this. But we have hope that we can see season 4 in the future.

Manifest Season 4 Trailer

There is a chance that there might be a new season of the manifest. The trailer is not out yet, but if it comes on Netflix, we will see the trailer for season 4 one month before its release date. It would also be available on YouTube.


Is Manifest Season 4 cancelled?

It may not be on Netflix anymore because it is not announced yet.

Is Manifest coming back in 2021?

There is not news related to Manifest Season 4, Once we got any update we will update regarding this on our website.

How can I watch Manifest?

You can binge it on Netflix. There are three seasons so far.

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  1. Netflix
    Please pick up this story and produce a Season 4. Your success record would predict a success for Netflix versus network programming.


  3. Would like to see the next seasons. Why is it that seasons are not finished on Hulu that they are stopped

  4. I’ve watched all the seasons oh, and you can’t leave it hanging the way it is special the way the third season ended I want to know what happened and how it continues the story. It is such a good show it’s gotten better over the years but she the third season kept you hanging and the way it ended kept me hanging and I need to know what happens keep 828 going

  5. Manifest is a great series please do not stop with this show .Would you like your life left in suspense?.???? It is not fair for those of us who watch a series and look forward to what is going to take place next for someone to say this is all folks no more Please continue with this series thank you Lillian

    Thank you Lillian

  6. Please complete the 6 seasons, can you imagine the other lost plane show “LOST”, being cancelled after the 3rd season? Come one people, if it takes extra time just say so, we understand…but by gosh FINISH ALL SEASONS!!!!!

  7. i really hope they make more seasons to it this show makes me so happy it’s sooo good I don’t know why it didn’t have ratings :/ I already told all my coworkers and family to watch it and they love it I love all the actors which they did an amazing job so pleaseeee make more seasons to it

  8. We need manifest season 4 , it deserves a proper ending.
    Internationaly there are people who loves the plot.
    Plz do season 4.

  9. Absolutely glad no season 4 coming.

    As the show continued the storyline got worse and worse. Then alot of the acting went downhill also. It was as if they didnt want to be involved anymore because of the lowered writing standards. Gave up on it.

  10. You guys have to bring a fourth season and give us closure on manifest this is the greatest show I’ve ever watched in my life and I’m hooked on it so you guys can’t leave me hanging love all you guys love all the characters of all the people that work in it so please bring it back please I’m begging you

  11. Sad what they have done. Money and greed talk fans get thrown under the bus. Manifestbis well, deserving of 6 seasons anything less is a smack in the face to cast crew and fans. It’s time to start canceling networks that are clueless. NBC has become a joke and Netflix is greedy. They want new subscribers as that’s where the money train is. Lucky for me I’m a Hulu fan I gave up on Netflix 4 yrs ago. My kids have Netflix so I’m not losing seasons 1 and 2 … They are so incompetent that they only took 2 seasons and sadly Hulu takes season 3. New management needed. How stupid is that. 1n 2 then hop to Hulu for 3. And these people get paid to do what? Imo they can all stay on lunch break til they get some talent running these networks.

  12. It was an interesting series. However, they left us hanging at the end of season 3.. I’m glad Zeke was saved, though. I do hope there will be a season 4. We need the plot, and the ending.

  13. I really like this series and won’t be hooked on another series if this doesn’t get renewed. Don’t like to be left hanging in a plot that does not end properly.

  14. The only reasons I watch NBC is for two shows, Manifest and This is Us! ! ! I’ve gotten my friends and family to watch them! For NBC or the writers to call it quits is just wrong! We love Manifest! ! ! And if you guys was just gonna call it quits, why would you leave us hanging?! Why even bother to put it on? If the writers are quitting, you can best believe we won’t watch anything else they come out with! And if NBC is calling it quits, oh well, I don’t and will not be watching your station except for This is Us! And my family and friends (which I have all through the U.S.) feel the same way! So you might be seeing your ratings drop considerably! Thanks for the inconvenience NBC! ! !

  15. I love manifest and they need to bring it back or at least finish it. The way season 3 ended leaves you hanging on so please bring it back


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