Farming Simulator 19: Beginner Advice and Tricks

Farming Simulator 19 was built by Giants Software and is a farming simulator, as the title implies. 

It’s not a “simulator” in the form of Hand Simulator, or Goat Simulator is, where the play is equipped more via drama and relatively laughably difficult action technicians. 

This simulator is precisely what it seems like. Graphically powerful, the game enables the member to grow crops, purchase machines, be involved in animal agriculture, and an entire lot more.

Farming Simulator 19 is the 7th central play in the series. It differentiates itself from its ancestors by being graphically powerful and combining innovative characteristics. 

It involves unique crops, different vehicles, and a robust weather policy. 

This farming simulator may look complex to brand-new players who may become confused with information when used as a global whole. Therefore here are some suggestions and points to make farming a little more comfortable.

Growing and Cultivating Crops

Although most cereals can be grown without cultivating, there are limitations to this crisis.

  • Potatoes, plants, beets, and all central plants need plowing before being established.
  • For whenever you need to eliminate specific crops and place various kinds of them in place.
  • On the equivalent problem, farming is needed to manage soil productivity for each third crop you plant.
  • After transplanting the crops, grain, oats, sunflower, maize, potatoes, beet, and grass, not cultivating the field will decrease the output yield by 15%.

Farming likewise has the top hand since, with it, you will not require to grow crops so that you can jump directly to the sowing method.

You will be informed whenever an appropriate field area needs plowing, as they are highlighted red when seen on the map.

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Planting and Sowing

Each kind of crop will come under either tools that can settle or those that can propagate. You can read more regarding these by following the information of every plant itself.

Harvests needing tools to be used following the Seeder class are corn, grain, rape, oats, soybean, green, and oilseed radish.

While supporting the Planter class, you have machines for these distinct plants: grain, sunflower, soybean, and cotton.


Fertilizers are essential to growing the yield of products varying from 25% to a culmination of 50%. For this goal, it is highly suggested to fertilize soil many times before plucking them.

The perfect steps for fertilization would be throughout the sowing method and when the crop shifts into its following growth period.


You will understand when to harvest the crops when they seem yellow, showing the last growth stage. All grains utilize grain module equipment, while sunflower and maize need the maize module equipment.


As explained earlier, farming has benefits beyond this method, involving some crops that only agriculture will not be sufficient.

Still, most of the time, you will be working with cultivation when you can sense it is constantly much more comfortable to take out as it is faster (enabling you to play three steps in one go) and needs a lighter device.

There are different kinds of “Cultivators” that you can discover in the “Shop.” One so kind will have in-built seeders so you can settle and grow crops at an identical time.

Others are useful at farming alone due to their excellent work rate but will not use seeders.

Final Words

It is all about Farming Simulator tricks for beginners. Stay tuned with us for more information!


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