Govind Dhiman’s Digital Marketing Journey: How He Become A Digital Entrepreneur

Today, we introduce a hard-working digital entrepreneur Govind Dhiman, the CEO of Digi Hind Private Limited. Govind Dhiman is a motivation for several people at such a young age.

He is a professional digital marketing entrepreneur, a social media content administrator who has achieved everything he wants because of his passion for learning more and his job’s dedication.

He faced many problems in his journey, but his strong willpower made his way to success by achieving a turnover in Digi Hind of 1 Cr in 9 months.

Govind Dhiman, Digi Hind Private Limited

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Was it easy for Govind Dhiman to earn that amount in such a short period? Listen from Govind Dhiman; he responds, “While you are on an unfamiliar journey, it’s sure that you will become tired, weak, and everything you do and where you travel will matter, which can let you return your actions, but you can never allow these momentary difficulties stop you from accomplishing your goal,”

According to his response, it’s clear that his experience as a digital entrepreneur has been challenging and exciting.

Govind Dhiman Faced Many Challenges In His Journey

A brilliant young 23-year-old boy from Village Dhatrath Distt (Jind) faced many problems in his digital marketing journey.

Govind Dhiman is the CEO of Digi Hind Private Limited. He said, “I am from a middle-class family, but I did all I could do to make my family happy. I can’t be able to talk with other people as I was from Haryana. In this journey, I faced numerous problems”.

The founder of Digi Hind Private Limited has had a memorable impression on people’s personal and professional relations, which took him where he is now.

He was looking for part-time jobs while doing graduation because he needs to manage his pocket money and hostel expenses.

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One of his non-hostel buddies met him one day and gave him pamphlets to distribute in the Doon Valley Clg in Karnal. From that day, he became his best friend. His friend was looking for someone to assist him in opening a digital marketing agency in Nilokheri.

Govind Dhiman said to his friend that I could run the computer properly. He said to Govind Dhiman that he needed to do some typing work. Govind Dhiman replied, “Yes, I will do it,” because he was in dire need of money.

Digi Hind Private Limited: A Fast-growing Digital Marketing Agency

Digi Hind Private Limited is a Karnal-based digital marketing company, and Govind Dhiman is the Founder and CEO of Digi Hind. He started Digi Hind on 9 June 2020 during CoronaVirus lockdown. At the age of only 23 years, he made a turnover of 1 crore in just 9 months.

Right now he is running 12 news websites under Digi Hind Private Limited. Govind Dhiman has sold 200+ Google news approved websites for Four figure to five-figure Dollars in the last 3 years of his digital marketing career. One of his biggest sales is posted on his Facebook account.

The company is growing day by day, and Govind Dhiman will surely set a unique definition of success with Digi Hind in the future.

Digi Hind Private Limited Services

  1. Search Engine Optimization Services.
  2. Guest Post on Google News SItes.
  3. Social Media Optimisation Service.
  4. Web Development Services.
  5. Digital Marketing Saas Products.
  6. Google News Approved Websites Establishment.
  7. Website Flipping.
  8. Digital Marketing Automation Solution.
  9. Lead Generation.
  10. Digital Marketing Training.

With a great experience of running Digi Hind, Govind Dhiman has shared some digital marketing pro tips to motivate you to become a digital marketer.

Why Should You Become a Digital Marketer?

“Digital marketing personalization is an extraordinary procedure that has frequently presented itself to increase campaign progress if taken out in an engaging, natural way. In this post, we explain how you must grow your digital marketing strategy from the client’s perspective”, said Govind Dhiman.

High Demand for Digital Marketers

Everything is becoming digitalized. Businesses in all areas are concentrating on producing a solid online appearance.

And for that goal, they are choosing digital marketers. In digital marketing, career progress is also quick. That’s why several people are opting for work in digital entrepreneurship.

Companies are going to hire digital entrepreneurs. And learning an in-demand work never destroys. It only implies that you can receive great paying careers with more protection after learning highly demanded work.

Start Your Own Business

Digital marketers have broad experience with many online tools and programs. They can begin websites, build products, and market them to the targeted demand.

If you consider digital marketing skills ultimately, you can begin an online business yourself if you desire.

Or, you can also become a digital marketing expert and begin a freelancing business.

For people aspiring to become entrepreneurs, knowing digital marketing skills is necessary.

Get Better Pay

Want to boost your salary? Begin learning digital marketing skills. As we discussed earlier, there is a huge need for digital marketing experts. Because of the great need, the salary for digital marketing positions is further high.

You can receive better positions in the company because of your experience, which can raise your pay.

Simple to Start a Career

If you desire to become an engineer, you will require a degree in engineering. If you want to become an airman, you will have to move to pilot school and receive a license.

But if you desire to become a digital entrepreneur, you will need to follow the necessary online marketing procedures, build a portfolio, and you will be good to go.

You don’t need to take an extra degree or go to university to begin a career in this area. Entering this field is comparatively simple.

I hope you understand the need for digital marketers in the market. For more tips, you can stay connected with Govind Dhiman via Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn. He always shares information with others to help people.

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