Covid-19 Or The Common Cold, How To Detect In Children After School Reopening?

Coronavirus and the common cold share many similar symptoms, so if your child gets infected now, the school will reopen, it might be difficult for you to determine whether it is covid-19.

According to US Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, adults catch a common cold about two to three times a year; on the other hand, children get it even more frequently. CDC also notifies that people recover within 7 to 10 days from the common cold after the symptoms appear, but if it takes a much longer time, you have a weakened immune system for sure.

Covid-19 Or The Common Cold, How To Detect In Children ?

According to Wen, some symptoms shred by cold and covid-19 include fatigue, sore throat, and headache. Also, coughing is one of the symptoms both share, though the Covid-19 cough tends to be drier.  Wen added that if children contract with covid infection, they tend to have milder symptoms in comparison to adults.   She says that ‘I request parents to have a high suspension rate to not to send children to school if they find that their child is not feeling well and have any one of the symptoms of Covid-19.’

Also, one of the specific symptoms of Covid-19 is loss of taste and smell; however, someone with a cold can might also lose the sense of taste and smell because of nasal congestion. The difference between both is that if people suffering from covid infection often lose their sense of smell early, and in nasal congestion, people lose prior.

Covid-19 Or The Common Cold, How To Detect In Children After School Reopening?

People contracted with corona infection may also experience diarrhea and nausea or vomiting. In the common cold, these symptoms are not seen. As per Mayo Clinic, covid and common cold in both root causes is a different virus as coronavirus is from SARS-Cov-2 and common cold is because of rhinoviruses.

Most vital is to get your child tested

As Wen warned, when you find your child a suspect, the foremost step you should take is not to send them to school and get them tested. But, he added that ‘no parent will want that other kid also get infected and which lead to shut down of classes.’

The next step parents should take is to get their children tested for coronavirus as testing is very easy and readily assessable. You should choose the best place to get your child tested, and it depends upon where you live. In some places, local clinics test covid, children can also be taken to testing sites run by the health department.

No need for a doctor for mild symptoms

If your children show mild symptoms, health experts recommend parents think twice before taking them to the doctor. Wen says that ‘if children show mild symptoms weather of covid or any other infection you should go to the doctor if your pediatrician request you to do that.’

Vaccination is must

Children above 12 years of age are eligible to get covid-19 vaccination, and Wen requests parents to get their children vaccinated immediately. Vaccination is considered the best way to protect their children from contracting covid-19.  Yesterday, public health experts raised the alarm regarding a rise in cases and hospitalization among children. In recent weeks the case has steadily increased as many kids head back to classrooms. Some of the worst numbers are in Florida and Louisiana and also could get worse elsewhere. However, severity among children is uncommon as per experts, but the cases are still on the rise. The vaccinations are still not approved by The Food and Drug Administration for children. Due to this, a large number of the overall population susceptible to covid is 12 to 19 years now.

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