US Military Members Will Be Get The Covid-19 Vaccine

Under a plan laid by the Pentagon Monday and endorsed by President Joe Biden, US military members will be required to get the covid-19 vaccine by the starting of next month. According to top Pentagon leaders, the vaccine is a vital step to maintain military readiness.

However, according to Lloyd Austin, Defense Secretary alleged that the mid-September deadline could be accelerated if infection rates continue to raise same or the vaccine gets FDA approval.

US Military Members Will Be Get The Covid-19 Vaccine

Austin says, ‘I will wait for the president’s arrival to make vaccination mandatory till mid-September or immediate upon licensing by the Food and Drug Administration .’ the plan also offers time for FDA to give approval finally on the Pfizer vaccine, which is expected upcoming month. Austin requires a waiver from President Biden to make shots mandatory, and as per Biden’s wording, he supports it.

Austin’s recent decision also makes other governments and companies worldwide take similar moves as a nation as a whole struggle with this highly contagious Delta variant. In the US, especially cases, deaths, and hospitalizations are on the rise since last winter. Government concern for the military is right as their service members live and work together on ships and in barracks, increasing the spread rapidly. A large virus outburst in the military can disturb Countries’ ability to protect themselves at the time of security.

US Military Members Will Be Get The Covid-19 Vaccine

 Austin also warned that if the infection rises, it will surely affect military readiness. He added that ‘I will not hesitate to react sooner and request president if I feel the requirement to do it. To defend our nation we will need a ready and healthy force.’

On Monday, a statement by Biden confirms that he strongly supports Austin’s message and plan to add covid vaccine requirement and ensure the availability of the same not later than mid of September. As per Boden, the country is still in wartime, and being vaccinated is the best way of protection. It is the best way to protect them and their families and to ensure that force is ready for every situation.

Army Gen Mark Milley immediately followed the memo by Austin. He says, The Secretary of Defense proposes to make compulsory the vaccination for all service members, and military medical professionals recommend the step. He added that ‘getting vaccinated is the best way to get a force protection and readiness.’

This decision comes following President Biden told defense officials to develop a strategy that requires troops to get shots. The country is facing w about 108000 new infections and about 700000 vaccines per day. According to Austin, the military service will have the next few to prepare and know the vaccine requirements and how this all will be recommended.

How everybody reacted?

John Kirby, the Pentagon spokesman, said yesterday that he believes the military has enough vaccines to meet all their needs. However, he said, ‘you can consider this memo not as a warning to services but to troops also.’ On this, Rep. Adam Smith, chairman of the House armed services Committee said ‘some may criticize the decision u many arguments that are not supported by facts, and these all should be ignored.’ He added ‘vaccine will support the protection of as they troops lived in overcrowded conditions and also don’t have the possibility to telework. However, he also supposed that Mr. Austin cannot mandate vaccines that still do not acquire full FDA approval. He added that wearing our country’s uniform does not allow   that our service members have the right to take medical decisions.’

As per Pentagon, however, over one million troops are fully vaccinated, and over 237000 have already received their single shot.

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