Arkansas Witnessing Record Number Of One-Day Coronavirus Hospitalizations, Just Eight ICUs left Now

The governor of Arkansas said that just 8 critical care unit beds were available in the state, as the fast spread of the Delta form of Coronavirus drove the number of cases and hospitalizations in the United States to a six-month high. Governor Greg Abbott of adjacent Texas has ordered hospitals to postpone elective operations as the variation spreads over large swaths of the US, including several southern states with poor vaccination rates.

In the United States, COVID-19 cases have already averaged 100,000 for 3 days in a straight. According to a tally of public health information, this is an increase of 35% over the previous week. According to population, the states with the newest cases in the last week were Louisiana, Florida, and Arkansas. (Graphic depicting coronavirus cases in the United States)Hospitalizations increased by 40%, while fatalities, which are a lagging indicator, increased by 18% throughout the country in the previous week.

Arkansas Witnessing Record Number Of One-Day Coronavirus Hospitalizations

A Republican governor encouraged Arkansans to be vaccinated against the pandemic. Many of his people have been reluctant to do in part because of widespread misinformation regarding COVID-19 vaccinations, which Hutchinson attributed to widespread misinformation about vaccines in general. Abbot, in May, issued an order prohibiting local governments from mandating masks to help limit the spread of the virus. He said on Monday that he would expand the number of clinics in Texas where COVID sufferers may get infusions of antibodies to help them fight the disease.

Arkansas Witnessing Record Number Of One-Day Coronavirus Hospitalizations

In a single day, Florida made a new single-day record with 28,317 cases, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention statistics in the United States (CDC).According to a study, hospitalizations in Florida have reached all-time highs for the eighth day in a row. Most Florida children are scheduled to return to school this week, while several school districts debate whether or not to compel students to wear masks. As per the Department of Health, the number of people who died from the virus in the state has increased by 21 to 6,322.

On Monday, 995 new covid-19 cases were reported, marking the first time in the previous seven days that the daily rise has been less than 1,000. However, the number of new cases reported on Monday was more significant than a week earlier, when the number of new cases recorded was 844. According to the Associated Press, which cited statistics from Johns Hopkins University, Arkansas ranked third in the nation for the number of new COVID cases reported per capita? Meanwhile, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said that the United States is currently seeing an average of more than 100,000 new COVID cases per day, with every state reporting high or significant community transmission.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, according to state statistics, about 43 percent of Arkansans aged 12 and older have had a complete COVID-19 vaccination, which is lower than the national average of almost 59 percent. The figures in today’s report are very shocking. Arkansas has seen the greatest single-day rise in hospitalizations, and it has already surpassed the prior high for COVID hospitalizations in the same period. Currently, there are only eight intensive care unit beds accessible in the state. Hospitalizations are reduced as a result of vaccinations.

In an interview with CBS News’ “Face the Nation” on Sunday, the governor said that “facts change” in regards to a law he signed in April to prohibit mask requirements throughout the state, adding that he had changed his mind because “facts change.” “I made a mistake” by signing the law at a time when the number of COVID cases in his state was low, he acknowledged.

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