ICUs Around The Nation Reach Capacity: The US Adds More Cases In August

Worldwide, the total number of confirmed cases of Covid-19 has surpassed 203,569,000, with more than 4,307,000 recorded fatalities. As illnesses continue to spread throughout the nation, the United States has recorded the most significant number of new confirmed cases per day in the world (165,000), according to the World Health Organization. 

Even though more than half of the population has been completely vaccinated across the country, vaccine hesitancy has resulted in low uptake of Covid-19 vaccinations in the Southern United States. There has been a significant increase in Covid-19 instances and hospitalizations throughout the states of Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama, raising worries that healthcare facilities would be overburdened as schools prepare to return following the summer break.

ICUs Around The Nation Reach Capacity: The US Adds More Cases In August

Hospitals throughout the country are being swamped by the number of COVID-19 patients who are being admitted for treatment due to an infection. More than 10,000 COVID patients were admitted to Texas hospitals for the first time since the beginning of February. According to official health statistics published Tuesday, the state has just 329 staffed critical care beds remaining out of 8,283 total hospital beds for a population of about 30 million people.

ICUs Around The Nation Reach Capacity: the US Adds More Cases In August

According to Dr. DesmarWalkes, executive director of the health authority of Austin-Travis County, hospitalization rates among youngsters 17 and under have more than quadrupled in the past month, according to a report presented to commissioners of Travis County on Tuesday. On 11th June, children were admitted to the hospital with COVID-19, and by July, the number had more than quadrupled to 34 children. According to Walkes, most instances occur in youngsters between the ages of 10 and 18 years old.

Although all three hospital systems in a single Florida county are over capacity, the county’s emergency management director, John Scott, says the system is still dealing with a significant increase in patients. During the week of July 30 to August 5, Brevard had 189.3 intensive care units (ICUs) at its seven general hospitals, with an average of 176.6 ICU beds filled.

The increase in COVID-19 cases also prompted the Brevard County Fire Rescue Chief Mark Schollmeyer to urge residents to refrain from dialing 911 for non-emergency calls to free up hospital emergency room staff and facilities as BCFR crews to deal with the more serious medical emergencies that have occurred recently.

COVID-19 infections and hospitalizations continue to rise, prompting Governor Kate Brown to issue two additional pandemic mandates: a mandatory vaccine requirement for state workers, as well as statewide indoor mask regulations for everyone. This year, most Florida students are returning to school in regions where COVID-19 outbreaks are much more severe than when school began last year.

According to a recent study of Johns Hopkins University statistics, the number of cases is at least four times greater than in most counties a year ago. Five counties have reported an increase of more than tenfold. Similarly, the number of cases among children is increasing, prompting concerns about the health implications of students returning to campus and a state prohibition on school mask requirements at a time when vaccinations are only available for a small number of kids.

Last autumn, public health specialists and doctors said that the degree of viral transmission in the general population was the essential element to consider when choosing whether or not to start courses in person. Because the number of instances this year is much greater than last year, districts defy those guidelines by inviting students to campus and restricting online learning choices. Those actions were taken following orders from the state administration, which also barred schools from mandating masks for all students.

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