Physician ‘Predator’ Sentenced For Opioid-Related Patient Death; More

Specialist’s Illegal Opioid Distribution Results in Patient Death 

Thomas K. Ballard III, MD, of Jackson, Tennessee, confessed to causing the demise of one of his patients in 2015 by unlawfully recommending hydrocodone. He faces at least 20 years in jail for one check of illicit medication conveyance bringing about death. He will be condemned in September. 

Physician ‘Predator’ Sentenced For Opioid-Related Patient Death

Ballard, 63, possessed and worked the Ballard Clinic, from which he recommended hazardous and habit-forming drugs without genuine clinical reason. Ballard likewise occupied with improper sexual contact with a few female patients while disregarding signs that they were mishandling the prescriptions he recommended, as indicated by the US Department of Justice (DOJ). 

Ballard’s treatment records show that he accepted a patient had mental issues and was manhandling her medicine, proven by certain medication screens and remedies got somewhere else for suboxone, a medication used to treat narcotic reliance. Nonetheless, Ballard kept on endorsing hydrocodone to the patient, remembering for May 28, 2015, when the patient lethally ingested too much of the medication. 

Physician 'Predator' Sentenced For Opioid-Related Patient Death; More

Ballard has demonstrated himself to be just a hunter in a white sterile jacket, and he ought to hope to be rebuffed likewise, said Special Agent in Charge J. Todd Scott of the DEA’s Louisville Division. Specialists make a vow to initially do no mischief, and all things being equal, Ballard decided to place his lewd advantages over his patients’ prosperity. 

Clinical Researchers Falsify Drug Trial Data 

Eduardo Navarro and Nayade Varona confessed to planning to adulterate clinical preliminary information. Navarro, 52, and Varona, 50, face as long as 5 years in jail. They were from Miami and St. Lucie respectively. 

Navarro and Varona both worked for Tellus Clinical Research, where Navarro was a sub-investigator and attendant specialist, and Varona was an associate examination organizer. They confessed to concurring with each other and others to misrepresent information in clinical records for two clinical preliminaries that were assessing treatment for crabby entrail condition. Navarro and Varona distorted information to cause it to seem like patients were taking part in the preliminaries, which won’t ever happen. 

Specialist Faces Decade in Prison for $6 Million Healthcare Fraud 

Keyvan Amirikhorheh, MD, a family doctor in Seal Beach, California, confessed to planning to submit medical services misrepresentation. He got the punishment of 10 years in jail. 

While working at Los Angeles Community Clinic, Amirikhorheh submitted fake cases for family arranging administrations, analytic testing, and solutions for nonexistent patients, duping the Family Planning, Access, Care and Treatment (Family PACT) program controlled by Medi-Cal, the California Medicaid program. 

Between March 2016 and April 2019, Los Angeles Community Clinic and related research centers and drug stores submitted roughly $8,406,204 in cases to Medi-Cal and were paid around $6,660,028. Amirikhorheh, 61, is the last respondent of five to confess to the situation, as indicated by the DOJ. 

Dental specialist Office Sued for HIV Discrimination 

Night and Day Dental Inc, of North Carolina, settled with the DOJ to determine a case that it victimized a lady with HIV disregarding the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA). 

Title III of the ADA forbids medical services experts from oppressing individuals with inabilities, incorporating those with HIV. The DOJ found that Night and Day Dental would not acknowledge a lady as another patient given her HIV-positive status. The patient was looking for routine dental consideration, including tidying and registration. Night and Day Dental moreover requires certain bloodwork results from patients with HIV before concluding whether to give dental consideration, when requiring such outcomes isn’t medicinally fundamental.

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