EntertainmentSweet Home Season 2: What You Can Expect

Sweet Home Season 2: What You Can Expect


To stay calm at home might have never been this difficult considering how the world said let’s take a pause for quarantine and also admire Lee Eung-bok’s work of art. 

The first season of Netflix’s Sweet Home left viewers baffled and haunted with a hundred questions and as always fan theories keep sprouting. 

Sweet Home Season 2: What You Can Expect

Sweet Home Season 2: What You Can Expect

Ever since its drop in last December, Sweet Home has established a home in the hearts of many, and there’s no question as to why. While viewers are desperate for a season 2, no official statements have been made so far. 

According to Soompi, no decisions have been made regarding season 2 of K-Drama horror Sweet Home. Neither has Netflix made any renewal announcements, yet. 

Sweet Home Season 2: What You Can Expect

However, it is to be noted that the cast for season 2 has already been discussed by Netflix, and is further affirmed by the South Korean television giant JTBC, who states that Netflix has been active in kickstarting Sweet Home Season 2. 

Based on the latest news, viewers can expect to have a glimpse of the Sweet Home sequel in the upcoming year. But then it’s best to wait for the official words from Netflix itself to save a heartbreak. 

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