The Fda Approves The Third Dose Of Vaccination For People With The Very Weak Immune System

San Francisco has announced a strict and mandatory indoor vaccine for people with a weak immune system. The largest U.S teacher’s union, National Education Association, has supported mandatory vaccination for educators. The Health and Human Services department of the U.S requires its 25000 health workers to be vaccinated.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) authorizes the third dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna vaccination for people who have very weak immune systems. This helps provide the physicians a scope for those who did not respond to the series of the initial shots.

The Fda Approves The Third Dose Of Vaccination For People With The Very Weak Immune System

The FDA has updated the existing emergency of the two vaccines. As per the FDA, the third dose is specifically required by those people who have received solid organ transplants and others with similar compromised immune conditions.

The Fda Approves The Third Dose Of Vaccination For People With The Very Weak Immune System

The decision of giving the third dose of the vaccine was supported by the committee of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The committee gave their decision a day before they considered and voted on the recommendations about the move. The committee will possibly give their approval and the CDC  will also follow the endorsements for the additional dose.

In a statement made by the acting FDA commissioner, Dr. Janet Woodcock said, “The FDA is conducting research on the extremely weak immune systems, who are particularly susceptible to serious diseases.” “After carefully reviewing the available data, they found these people will benefit from the third dose of one of these vaccines,” she added.

The FDA promises to be a busy next stretch for federal vaccines for the weak immune system people and is expected to start the new drive of vaccination. The agency is expected to fully approve the Pfizer Biotechnology vaccine early next month, which will also trigger a wave of vaccination by companies and organizations that want to apply for FDA approval of the vaccine. 

Besides this, the government scientists and the regulators are debating over the need for booster shots needed for the Americans but it is not supported by any data. Worldwide only two countries, Israel and Germany have started implementing the booster policies for people with weaker immune systems. 

Dr. Woodcock also said, “The fully vaccinated population no longer needs additional doses of vaccine. The agency is actively participating in the evidence-based process with federal partners to evaluate the additional doses required”. 

The U.S is currently the country that has begun offering the third dose to people with weaker immune systems. France started the system of offering additional vaccine doses to people with weaker immune systems in April followed by Germany and Hungary. 

A certainty of 3 percent of the total Americans has weak immune systems because of various reasons of a medication history of cancer to the steroids. 

As per the FDA’s decisions, they have limited the category of people who need the extra dose of the vaccine. The population of immunocompromised people is very diverse for recommending the additional doses of COVID vaccines.  A few groups may be protected by the standard vaccine, but others may not be benefiting from the additional dosages. 

As per the studies, patients with organ transplants are showing little immunity to the standard regimen by the third shot of the vaccine. Canadian studies have shown that organ transplant patients have poorer immunity after standard treatment, and the third injection of the Moderna vaccine improves people’s Immune response.

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