Cancer Patients Use Less Marijuana as Compared to General Public

Three states including South Dakota, Virginia, and Connecticut joined last month for legal marijuana. It is also known as Cannabis and is used for recreational purposes. These states ranked more than dozens of other legalized drugs. Even though laws are changing and social acceptance of drugs is growing, new research has found that it is still less in consumption among many cancer patients. 

Cancer Patients Use Less Marijuana as Compared to General Public

This study is published in Cancer journal informing by the researchers that, around 20,000 people in four years reported that around 9% of the people have used marijuana causing cancer. It was compared that around 14% among 20,000 people without a cancer history. This report was analyzed at the University of Virginia. 

Cancer Patients Use Less Marijuana as Compared to General Public

“Despite looking whether some people have used cannabis over the years of observation. So, we have found that we can control things like cancer patients, age, and race which are still stable and not increasing over time” said Bernard Fuemmeler, a study author of this research. The study author also mentioned that they have expected to at least mirror the situation happening among the general population. 

Marijuana has been preferred by many people across the nation and it has some properties that can help one getting quick relief in different medical conditions also. However, in many cases, the overdose of the same has been a big concern as it may lead to more deterioration of the health of an individual. Those who know their immune system and medical conditions avoid getting marijuana in any form and the same has been noted well among the patients who suffer from cancer irrespective of its type.

Apart from this research, one study also found about the Americans who smoke and their behavior with both marijuana and tobacco. Those people who were not related to cancer disease or never had cancer also rated after the spam period of taking marijuana during the study. At the same time, marijuana was legalized in the nation seeing the wave of recreation. 

“By the changing of the law, we are expecting to see the changed in perceived benefits, attitudes, and harms,” said Sunny J. Kim, a co-author of VCU center. He added that this study gives perspective to prevent the use of cannabis among people with cancer and how it has been changing over time. 

Bernard said that there is an element of life-changing moments when one has cancer. One has to be careful with health and see whether cannabis or something like that is hurtful or helpful. This analysis also revealed that those people who have a higher level of pain in cancer disease are more likely to consume marijuana. Less consumption of marijuana was seen in women and older people who are suffering from cancer. Those who use less marijuana have a good mental health condition and can use medical insurance. 

The researchers are still willing to research this topic in deep and know the effects of marijuana in cancer patients. This will show the use of marijuana among survivors and doctors can get more information regarding its harmful effects and some potential benefits. 

The co-author of this study, Egidio Del Fabbro said, “After all the decisions related to health, it is important to have a conversation with your doctor before you make any changes. Now, marijuana has become legal in most states, we expect more people to come forward and raise questions. However, we might not be able to answer all still we can at least listen and provide the best advice. We can also provide available evidence to show them for more understanding and clarity”. 

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