Metabolism And Weight Gain After Teenage

Metabolism is not a complex concept to understand and it can be simply put as the basic chemical reactions which support life. Metabolism affects body weight. High metabolism burns calories much faster and there is less scope for gaining weight easily.

With low metabolism, the energy conversion rates are lower, and more amount calories are leftover.

Metabolism And Weight Gain After Teenage

There are various theories regarding metabolism and one such widely popular belief is that metabolism decreases drastically after teenage and thus it becomes harder to lose weight.

Metabolism And Weight Gain After Teenage

Recent scientific research disproved this theory and proved that metabolism stays stable between the ages of 20 and 60, before decreasing at older ages. 

This scientific research is very much intriguing and looking into it further can help in understanding the reality of metabolism. The study included 6,400 people from 29 different countries. The research was called doubly labeled water

To date, most of the experts were focused on the rate of metabolism, and to have better body shape or loss of weight the same was considered as one of the prime parameters.

With the increase in age, the rate of metabolism also changes which is not focused on by many experts yet and hence after a certain age one does not find the desired effects of his diet on his body said one of the experts who have been the member of the research team with this research.

The task given to people was simple. They had to drink water from a labeled jar where the levels of hydrogen and oxygen in water were already measured. There were two different levels of hydrogen and oxygen variants in water.

The availability of two variants allowed researchers to track how quickly the body processes the types of water. The metabolic rate of each person was measured by collecting samples of urine. The speed at which the water was processed by the body determined metabolism. 

The results from this research were astonishing. The results proved that the metabolism starts to increase from age 1 and gradually keeps increasing till age 20. Once teenage is done metabolism becomes stable and remains stable till age 60. It was also seen that pregnancy also doesn’t result in a shift of metabolism. 

These results were also proved to be right even after considering various other factors like physical activity, body composition, and muscle mass.  

Understanding metabolism is important because unhealthy eating patterns can cause a lot of health complications. Understanding metabolism can help in avoiding heart diseases, heart diseases, and even some types of cancers. Knowing metabolism can also help in tackling obesity. 

Energy and weight gain are also crucial elements in metabolism. 

Different kinds of food provide us with different levels of carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, etc. Eating more than the required amount of food can result in excess carbohydrates and these are stored as fats. This can cause weight gain as well. This is when exercise and physical activity comes to play. 

When there is additional physical activity, the body demands an excessive amount of protein and carbohydrates. This is when the previously present elements are broken down and are used up by the body. 

Understanding metabolism and energy requirements help to plan a diet with just the required amount of resources. For example, people who are less active can work on developing a diet with less than the suggested guidelines. People who are more active need to compensate for the additional burning of energy. 

A basic understanding of metabolism and simple practices can help in weight loss and weight gain. The results might be slow but gradually the results can be astonishing.

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