AP-NORC Poll Finds That Biden’s Popularity Has Dipped Due To COVID

President Joe Biden is experiencing a summer slump, with Americans giving his management of the coronavirus epidemic an overwhelmingly negative review, as well as his job approval rating, which continues to deteriorate. According to a recent survey conducted by the Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research, 54 percent of Americans are satisfied with Biden’s job performance, a small decrease from the previous month’s finding of 59 percent.

Considering the nation’s profound political division, it is still a reasonably favorable rating for a president during his first year in office. However, it is a concerning indication for Biden, who is facing the most difficult domestic and international policy problems of his administration thus far.

AP-NORC Poll Finds That Biden’s Popularity Has Dipped Due To COVID

According to the poll, the president’s handling of the epidemic is the most significant red flag. Last month, 66 percent of Americans approved of his handling of the public health issue; today, that figure has dropped to 54 percent, mostly as a result of a decline in support among Republicans and independents. This deterioration in popularity corresponds with the formation of additional storm clouds over Biden’s administration, most notably the worsening situation in Afghanistan as U.S. forces leave and the Taliban consolidate their grip over the nation.

The poll, which was conducted between August 12 and 16, during which time news of the Taliban’s advance into Kabul was widely reported in the United States, finds that Americans are roughly evenly divided on Biden’s handling of foreign policy (47 percent approve, 51 percent disapprove) and national security (47 percent approve, 51 percent disapprove) (52 percent approve, 46 percent disapprove).

AP-NORC Poll Finds That Biden's Popularity Has Dipped Due To COVID

Democratic leaders are attempting to heal party divides over a pair of infrastructure proposals, but there is no indication of movement on voting rights or police reform legislation. Biden’s domestic policy program has an unclear future on Capitol Hill as well. Nonetheless, Biden’s advisors think that his management of the epidemic will determine whether or not he will be re-elected. 

Early this summer, the White House seemed to be claiming triumph over the virus, supporting the removal of public health restrictions and urging those who had been immunized to take advantage of a return to normality this summer. The results of polls indicated that Biden was receiving praise for his approach to the epidemic not just from almost all Democrats but also from a sizable number of Republicans.

In recent months, as an extremely dangerous new strain of COVID-19 has taken hold, fears about the virus have grown, and vaccination rates in the United States have stagnated, more communities, businesses, and schools had reinstated restrictions such as mask mandates that were lifted earlier this year when trends were moving in a more positive direction.

Vice President Joe Biden has urged Americans to be vaccinated. He has placed vaccination mandates in places where he can, such as for government employees and members of the military. Nonetheless, anti-vaccine opposition has proved to be tenacious, particularly in more conservative areas of the nation, which are now seeing surprising rises in COVID-19 cases.

Jeanette Ellis-Carter, 69, though, would like to see Biden advocate for more vaccination requirements throughout the country. Despite having had all of his vaccinations, the Cincinnati man recently acquired COVID-19. He is concerned that if vaccine restrictions are removed, more Americans would be in danger of contracting the disease. 

Republican authorities have taken the lead in opposing the vaccination and mask restrictions imposed by the Biden administration last summer, according to the Associated Press. Republican approval of Biden on COVID-19 has dropped to only 21 percent, according to an AP-NORC survey conducted in August. This is down from 32 percent last month and 43 percent in June. Independents now favour his handling of the epidemic by a 44 percent to 72 percent margin, down from 72 percent last month.

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