Reasons The Elixir Of Life Is Also Good For Your Heart

August 24th, 2021- Water, along with air, is a necessary component for all living things to survive. 97.2 percent of the water available on Earth is found in oceans and seas, 2.2 percent in ice caps and glaciers, and only 0.6 percent is freshwater suitable for residential use and irrigation. 

Reasons The Elixir Of Life Is Also Good For Your Heart

This amount may appear insignificant, but it is adequate to meet all of our planet’s needs if used sustainably. Humans still haven’t figured out how to live in harmony with nature. Instead, they are becoming increasingly destructive to nature’s abundance and diverse biodiversity. 

Reasons The Elixir Of Life Is Also Good For Your Heart

In many cases, dehydration has led to death also. The level of water in the body must be maintained. Due to some medical and climate conditions, this level may go down but one must drink plenty of water in such situations so that the body stays hydrated and its other functions remain unaffected due to fluctuation in water level. Here one must note that the quality of water also plays an important role as impure water may lead to many other complications related to health.

Everyone knows for sure that staying hydrated every day can help your health in a variety of ways, but there’s another advantage that’s less known: According to new research, drinking enough water on a daily basis can help middle-aged adults reduce their long-term risk of heart failure. An investigation of over 16,000 middle-aged men and women over 25 years compared heart health to blood salt levels, which are a measure of overall fluid intake.

 “The importance of hydration has long been on the cardiovascular radar,” said study author Natalia Dmitrieva, a senior researcher at the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute in the United States. It has to do with how a lack of liquid consumption can influence an individual’s sodium (salt) balance, hormone concentrations, and kidney performance, all of which can compromise appropriate cardiac function, according to Dmitrieva. 

She specifically mentioned issues that can arise when a person’s blood salt levels rise above a certain threshold (precisely, 142 millimoles per liter [mmol/L]) due to a lack of fluid intake. Even though that level would normally be considered within the “normal range” for blood sodium, Dmitrieva and her colleagues utilized it as a credible predictor of an individual’s overall hydration status in their study. 

However, the research team chose that threshold because when salt levels rise above it, a health risk arises “The brain secretes the hormone. This hormone affects the kidneys, causing them to activate water-saving mechanisms “Dmitrieva said.

 As a result, urine excretion decreases, increasing the risk of high blood pressure. Dehydration, she added, poses a number of cardiovascular risks in addition to high blood pressure. Inadequate fluid intake, on the other hand, can directly compromise the cellular integrity of the heart muscle over time. 

The good news, according to Dmitrieva, is that “the study implies that maintaining excellent hydration can avoid or at least slow down the changes within the heart that contribute to heart failure.” When they were first enlisted in the study, all of the participants were between the ages of 44 and 66. The salt levels of each participant were measured five times during the next 25 years, as the subjects became older, from 70 to 90 years old. 

Participants were then divided into five different blood sodium level groups based on their results, with lows ranging from 135 to 139.5 mmol/L and highs ranging from 144 to 146 mmol/L. The researchers next tracked the occurrence of heart failure, as well as difficulties with the heart’s left ventricular pumping capability, over the years.

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