The Virus Spreads Increases And Hospitals Records Are Been Broken

On Wednesday, the two states reported the highest number of COVID-19 cases in their hospitals since the outbreak began. During a nationwide outbreak of the virus, at least six other states have already surpassed their previous highs.

The highly contagious delta strain of the virus has sparked the latest outbreak among those who have not been vaccinated. Doctors in low-vaccination areas have appealed to their people to get vaccinated so that hospitals are not overcrowded.

The Virus Spreads Increases And Hospitals Records Are Been Broken

Kentucky and Texas have joined a growing list of states where the number of hospitalized coronavirus patients has surpassed their previous high. Even in areas where hospitalizations have not yet reached previous peaks, intensive care units across the country are filled with patients who are critically ill with the coronavirus.

The Virus Spreads Increases And Hospitals Records Are Been Broken

In many more states, the figures of patients with this infection are much higher than that of the last month that has made the authorities and administrators worried. The patients are from youth to seniors and many of them are with comorbidity which makes their condition from bad to worst. Such patients need more medical facilities but due to increasing numbers and constant hospitalization now many of the hospitals do not have beds vacant.

As per Dr. Jyotir Mehta, medical director of the ICU at Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital in Georgia, the ICU units typically have room for 38 patients, and doctors and nurses may only have two or three people who are severely sick.

 On Wednesday, the ICU alone had 50 COVID-19 patients, with about half of them requiring ventilator support. “I don’t believe we’ve ever seen this much serious sickness in humans, so many people sick all at once,” Mehta added.

He acknowledged that conversing with family members is challenging. “They’re reaching for any optimism they can get, and you’re trying to tell them, ‘Look, it’s horrible,'” he explained. “You must inform them that your loved one will not survive.”

Top health officials in New Mexico warned on Wednesday that the state is on the verge of rationing health care. Within only one day, the number of coronavirus patients requiring hospital treatment rose by more than 20%. 

Dr. David Scrase, the state’s Secretary of Health and Human Services, stated, “We’re going to have to determine who gets the care and who doesn’t receive care.” “And that’s something we don’t want to happen.”

Residents in Idaho have been asked to volunteer to help keep medical facilities open. The extremely contagious delta variant among unvaccinated people is mostly to blame for the rise. Doctors have pleaded with their communities to become vaccinated to relieve overburdened hospitals in places where vaccination rates are particularly low.

They’ve also raised concerns about the variant’s rising impact on youngsters and young adults. Children now account for 36% of COVID-19 infections in Tennessee, according to Health Commissioner Lisa Piercey, marking yet another sobering milestone in the state’s fight against the virus. 

She claimed there were 14,000 pediatric cases in the state in the last seven days, up 57 percent from the previous week. In Texas, approximately 47 percent of the population is completely vaccinated, compared to nearly 52 percent nationally, and Republican Governor Greg Abbott has abolished mask and vaccine mandates.

 His mask prohibition has been challenged by many counties and school districts. In Kentucky, only about 48% of the population is completely vaccinated, and public health officials have attributed the state’s spike in part to the lag. 

COVID-19 limitations imposed by Democratic Gov. Andy Beshear expired in June, and the GOP-controlled legislature has prevented him from imposing additional mask requirements or capacity limits.

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