Florida Making Headlines Over Mask Mandate In Schools

The debate over mask mandate in school has led to deep disturbances. Two views between the school and the order of the governor of Florida have stirred disturbances in the state. Schools have been going on online in the past, for about a year and a half.

Florida Making Headlines Over Mask Mandate In Schools

Now when the schools have been reopening, the mandate on masks has led to friction and concern. The resulting action has affected the school district funding.

Florida Making Headlines Over Mask Mandate In Schools

Governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis has banned the mandate on masks

In order to preserve the rights of the parents, Governor Ron DeSantis has made the ban effective. Two schools have gone ahead to make masks mandatory in school anyway. This has gone contrary to the governor’s say and so this action has been taken. The schools made the masks mandatory failing which one would be subject to financial punishment.

Leaving the decision to parents for their children to wear masks or not

The department of education of Florida has held back school district funds over this issue. Florida officials got started with this action owing to the schools’ mandate on wearing masks. Although, a court ruling in the recent past has found Ron DeSantis’s order unconstitutional. The ongoing issue has been in the news for various reasons.

A hefty amount may be withheld from school funding over this issue

The amount withheld is equal to the monthly salaries of a school board member. The action by the officials is at the Alachua and Broward counties. And they are set on continuing to do so until they see the districts complying with the order. Alachua and Broward’s counties make it mandatory for all students to wear a mask regardless of the governor’s order. This order goes with all the other ten district schools as well.

Aspects of the decision to be discussed to understand the implications

As these schools require the students to comply with the mask rule, they have made exemptions for special cases. Those who have medical requirements can be exempted from wearing masks. The exact amount withheld from the district school funding is not yet apparent. The schools have denied making any comment on the order so far.

The call on withholding funding was made to deter going their own way

The district schools stand on wearing masks is looked at as a defiance to the governor’s order. According to the state legislature’s Office of Economic and Demographic Research, the members of Alachua County make about $40,000 annually. And they make about $46,000 in Broward County. This can be a huge push to deter the schools and other organizations owing to the huge amount in question.

Full implementation of the withholding of funding would need more effort

As the salaries to the school officials are not issued by the state, the decision to withhold it cannot be directly implemented. It would require more work around affecting the flow of funds to the school districts. There have been speculations about withholding salaries equal to that of the superintendent. Clear details about the absolute result and repercussions of this move have not come forth in the open.

School counties were given instructions to cut compensation

Governor Ron DeSantis’s department has asserted that instructions have been given to the counties. They said that nothing else other than the school board compensation has been asked to be cut. What happens after this instruction is implemented is not to be known now. It might be apparent after this order is fully followed and comes into effect.

The stand by Joe Biden government reassures the schools

Although the governor has made his order clear to the schools, the president of the United States has another stance. President Joe Biden has asked the schools to turn to the Federal Stimulus Funds. The disparity between the governor and the schools might see the latter making up the difference using the Federal funds. Broward County has been firm on following the mandate of wearing masks.

Wearing masks is urged by governments across the globe

Government and people, including institutes, fully support wearing masks. While the Governor of Florida defends the right to choose, for the parents. The Department of Education has maintained the stand of withholding the funding each month. This is to go on until the school boards comply with the order on not making wearing masks compulsory.

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