Half Of All Adults With ADHD Suffer From Substance Or Drug Use

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or ADHD is a neurobehavioral disorder that has drawn attention due to a rather alarming finding. It leads to difficulty paying attention, hyperactivity, and having a difficulty in controlling their behavior from childhood. This is a really fast-growing condition that may last for years or throughout life. A recent study has found unfortunate truths about those suffering from this condition.

Half Of All Adults With ADHD Suffer From Substance Or Drug Use

With the list of difficulties faced having ADHD, there seems to be no end to the trauma of those suffering. Apart from not being able to control their behavior or quick actions, they may be soon getting driven towards alcohol and other abuse. A recent study has found some worrying truths about it in the United States. There seems to be no respite for those facing ADHD.

Half Of All Adults With ADHD Suffer From Substance Or Drug Use

Understanding the study done on adults with ADHD closely

The recent study done on about 6900 Canadian adults gives insight into the shocking news. The studied adults included both, those who have ADHD and those who don’t. The results said that people with ADHD were more likely to have issues with substance abuse disorder. While, on the other hand, those who didn’t have ADHD showed less likeliness to suffer from substance abuse disorder.

Looking at the possible causes of such immense actions and results

Why do adults with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder turn to substance abuse? Looking into the report, the cause lies in the tragic experience of depression and lack of self-control. Symptoms of ADHD affect daily life activities. Thus, struggling with things that others around might not be, makes them feel anxious.

The study might elaborate the need of the hour for those with ADHD

Taking the help of alcohol to get over or lessen their trauma is a wrong notion. The study found that those with ADHD mostly turned to alcohol. The next in line was marijuana. The appalling and moving plight of those suffering needs immediate attention.

Examining what pushes adults with ADHD to such disorders

Having a disorder is a reason to feel vulnerable. Leading a life of misery owing to self-consciousness can be demotivating with ADHD. Turning to drugs or alcohol to forget intimate pathos might be useless. As the effects of alcohol fade sooner or later.

The situation seeks compassion and empathy from everyone

Everyone can use some empathy from fellow human beings. Most difficulties seem lesser when someone extends a helping hand. It is the need of the hour to relate with those suffering and be sensitive to their lack of self-control. When no one bullies or judges those with ADHD as incapable, they will have one thing less to worry about.

Treatment and a helpful attitude can bring about positive development

When you can’t concentrate or sit still, you will most probably grab attention. The trauma of being watched when you probably are at a weak spot can be devastating. Sensitive and aware individuals including classmates, colleagues, neighbors et al can make it easier on them. Bear with them when they talk uncontrollably, move without a definite purpose or do anything that doesn’t look normal.

Seeking therapy to stop the use of illicit drugs such as cocaine, LSD, or heroin

It requires rigorous attempts to turn away from addiction. Therapy, counseling, medication, diet, and a healthy routine can bring about a positive change. The study found that cognitive therapy showed very positive results on them. The results were pertaining to anxiety, depression, substance abuse, and other ADHD symptoms.

Help yourself and be a positive reinforcement beyond help from outside

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is untreated however, it can be reduced and treated to bring changes. Knowing that your condition impacts you in certain areas can motivate you to work in those areas. Attending sessions aimed to help prevent relapse and developing coping skills can improve your health. As the sessions progress, your reception can get better and make you healthier.

Aim at self-improvement to make decisions and be less vulnerable

Planning and problem-solving skills might get affected which can be worked upon. Just like precaution is better than cure, watching your behavior to anticipate calming tricks can help reduce impulsivity. It would require therapy, discipline, and determination. Starting early, taking baby steps like getting out of bed despite not wanting to, can be a good start.

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