COVID Forces California Hospitals To Increase ICU Capacity

According to the new study, California hospitals are running out of hospital beds and intensive care units as the number of COVID patients is increasing.

On this note, COVID has forced the California hospitals to increase the intensive care units by setting up and taking rent of other buildings to set up the ICU. 

COVID Forces California Hospitals To Increase ICU Capacity

Health officials stated that the contagious version of COVID has strike badly all over the world, this will be continued for having a primary spread among the unvaccinated people. The number of cases of COVID 19 in this state is on a continuous rise and hence the hospitals also work at their full capacity. In fact, many of them have no beds left vacant now and due to the difficult medical condition of many patients, even ICUs are packed now.

COVID Forces California Hospitals To Increase ICU Capacity

They suggest and warn people about vaccination importance to stop and avoid further transmissions and new variant spreads. Researchers say that most of the hospitals from California are having fewer staff members with 10 percent and ICU (intensive care units) beds were being faded out by the increase of COVID cases.

On this note, the staff is divided among the three consecutive days to share the equal work for stating the officials to label the “surge” to trigger the special rules that are announced from the last months that require to have the acceptance from the nearby hospitals with the patients who are transferred to the ICU section.

Health officials are finding many ways to panic the public to get vaccinated, though the vaccination rates were increasing slowly. Some of the researchers suggest conducting drives and campaigns for spreading awareness among the public.

Based on the reports from neighboring countries, many numbers suspected patients and confirmed COVID patients were accounted for in the hospitals.

Fresno Bee reported that, not only among the California hospitals many neighboring countries are facing the same problems and situations due to the transmissions of COVID-19.

The San Joaquin country reports that “new cases are reporting daily where many people are admitting in the hospitals with a surpassed peak in several cases that are reported during the late summers of 2020”.

According to the health officers of the country, emergency services were provided to make enough requirement of hospital beds and ICU for avoiding the transferred patients who are from out of the country.

On this note, if the situation gets worse, then the ICU (intensive care unit) capacity may fall to zero needs with empty beds. Health officials of the state say that California must look up to the acceptance of transferred patients. 

According to this study, the COVID cases which are being reported are found with dangerous versions of COVID Variants mostly found among unvaccinated people. 

Among the state-wide cases, COVID cases are following declines to have an attributed surge towards the delta variants. This variant has consisted of a dangerous and contagious phase of the virus version. 

The governor, Gavin Newsom had announced that 80 percent of the California citizens who are 12 years and even older had received at least one shot of COVID Vaccine. Now, California is one of the highest vaccination rates in the United States.

Health officials concluded that “coronavirus hospitalizations within the state are having a continued climb”. Based on the recent reports, 8,630 people got hospitalized due to the heavy transmission of COVID variants among the state.

Researchers say that this transmission of COVID-19 has occurred five times higher and increased hospitalizations. This entire pandemic tragedy is happening due to the unvaccinated rates, so getting vaccinated should be the primary goal for all people globally.

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