Vert Shock reviews – Is This Helpful For Dunking Practice?

Vert Shock reviews - Is This Helpful For Dunking Practice?
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Reading Vert Shock review helps you to find the easiest way to increase vertical jump height. Without a doubt, I can say that there are ample numbers of vertical jump training programs on the market. Also, as far as I can assess, a lot of them do work and give results. But the question is – ‘which program suits you the best?’ At least for me, this was very important.

Amidst my search for the best, I came across the Vert Shock program reviews. I was happy to see the way Vert Shock program has been designed. It helps people increase their vertical jump within a time of 8 weeks. Vert Shock program targets basketball players, especially those who wish to start dunking a basketball in a short time. Vert shock program is a win-win because you get access to several plyometric workouts, as well.

Vert Shock reviews A Best Guide For Vert Shock Practice ?

It is always easy to trust a product or service when the users give a ‘thumbs-up’ to it. Such is the case with Vert Shock program, as many of its users have mentioned that Vert Shock program is worth every penny. However, if you want to go through an in-depth review, then ensure to stay with us till the end!

Vert Shock reviews - Is This Helpful For Dunking Practice?

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What Is Vert Shock Program?

Vert Shock, as previously mentioned, is a program that is meant to help individuals improve their vertical jump in a short period. Unlike other online vertical jump training regimens, this three-part Vert Shock program includes more than just muscle training. It employs a variety of techniques to shock the body’s muscle structure. As a result, you’ll be able to achieve the vertical jump you’ve always imagined was unattainable.

The entire training is 8 weeks long. You could increase your jump height by 3-5 inches by the end of the first week. Vert Shock program’s founder also promises that you will have boosted your jump height by the end of the second stage by 9-15 inches. That will be strongly dependent on your initial leap height. The final phase is intended to help you establish the outcomes so that you can continue to jump higher throughout your life.

Vert Shock Program jumping

Creator Of The Vert Shock Program

The Vert Shock Program has been founded by Adam Folker, a professional basketball player from Canada. At present, Adam is also a professional strength and conditioning specialist. He is very much dedicated, and it’s this passion that eventually leads to Vert Shock.

 The second half of this duo is ‘Jus Fly’ Darlington, a professional dunker. Folker received a lot of support from Justin “Jus Fly” Darlington during the development of the Vert Shock program, and believe it or not, the knowledge he contributed is due to his incredible dunk talent.

Creator Of The Vert Shock Program

Phases Of The Vert Shock Program

Pre-Shock, Shock, and Post-Shock are the three phases of the Vert Shock program. Each phase includes PDF tutorials as well as HD movies so that you can understand them properly. Let’s take a look at what’s inside these phases.


In the beginning, the Vert Shock will expose your body to a variety of jumping activities. Don’t be afraid of these. These are pretty simple non-gym workouts. There will be four days of training for the first week, with each session lasting up to 30 minutes. Within the first four days, most people acquire three to five inches in the vertical leap.



At this phase, you must test your abilities. Nothing is going to happen or increase if you don’t give yourself a little push.  The shock phase is another name for this stage. This workout is primarily designed to target the neglected elastic fibers of your legs. This training will take place three times a week for a total of 40 minutes every session.


Post Shock

The last stage of the Vert Shock program is the Post-Shock. The training in this phase will take place four times a week, for 30 minutes sessions. You’ll feel a lot more flexible and bouncier in this phase, which will help you unleash your inner jumping beast.


Benefits Of The Vert Shock Program

Once you sign up for the program and make you will get access to Vert Shock program. The perks of the program include:

  • The Jump Start Guide

With this guide, you will come to know what can be expected during the 8 training weeks.

  • The Vert Shock Program

This is the primary program, which is divided into 3 stages. To achieve decent results, you must complete all of the workouts in each phase.

  • Exercise Video Tutorials

Each workout will be demonstrated in the videos. They will assist you in achieving amazing results in a short time.

  • Vert Shock Bonuses

There are bonuses that you get along with the Vert Shock program. We will talk about these later in the review.

Who Can Use The Vert Shock Program?

Basketball players were kept in mind when writing this Vert Shock program review. All athletes, however, can benefit from knowing how to exercise their fast-twitch muscle fibers to increase their skills.

The jumpers benefit from this program, which includes volleyball players, high jumpers, basketball players, football players, and soccer players. Anybody, regardless of skill level, can practice the workouts in Vert Shock. This Vert Shock program is most likely to assist young athletes and amateurs, as it can spare them years of ineffective training.

Pros And Cons Of Vert Shock Program


✔️ You don’t need any weights or a gym membership to perform the workouts.

✔️ The program is informative and simple to use.

✔️ The program’s author provides tips, methods, and tutorials to assist you in achieving faster results.

✔️ Regardless of your fitness or experience level, you can gain from the program.

✔️ You can get a 100% 60-day money-back guarantee on the purchase of the Vert shock program.

✔️ It includes a testing and tracking system to help you keep track of your progress.


❌ Too much promotion of basketball products

❌ Very less scientific referencing

Click Here To Download The Vert Shock Program From The Official Website

Is The Vert Shock Program Legit Or Not?

To address your question of whether or not the Vert Shock program is legit, here is what I have to say.

Vert Shock Program is a 100% legit and reliable plyometric workout that improves your vertical jumping ability. Your jump height will undoubtedly increase if you put out your best effort in Vert Shock program. Scientific research has been done to curate the program, which guarantees that you are doing nothing wrong.

Also, those who are not happy with the results of this Vert Shock program can get their 100% money back within 60 days.

What To Expect From The Vert Shock Program?

Being the best Vert Shock program for increasing the vertical jump height, it is certainly a fast method that promises quick and effective results if followed properly.

With this, I mean that in these 8 weeks, you can achieve a lot with proper dedication and commitment. There has to be no delay in the training.

You should make every session count by putting your complete attention and effort into it. Also, spend more time resting, healing, and eating appropriately to achieve the best outcomes. To ensure that you are ready to go again for the next session, you must nourish your body and obtain adequate sleep.

⭐ You will get enough information about the science behind vertical jumps.

⭐ Learn the methods to energize the nervous system to release the power

⭐ How to address the muscular imbalances to maximize the speed, strength, and power

⭐ Know more about the exercises which help in strengthening the muscle fibers so that you can jump higher

⭐ Learn about the importance of fast-twitch muscles fibers for vertical jump

Click Here To Download The Vert Shock Program From The Official Website (60 Days Money Back Guarantee)

Customer Reviews & Complaints of Vert Shock Program

As of now, I have not come across any negative Vert Shock program reviews. I can see people talking about how this training is the easiest and fastest way to increase the vertical jump height.

The users also mention that the best thing about Vert Shock guide is that there is no use of any equipment for the training, which is certainly a plus point. The added bonuses are undoubtedly the best deal you can expect at such a reasonable price, and the users are gushing about it.

So, at present, there is no negative Vert Shock Program review on the internet, which is good news for aspiring dunkers.

Vert Shock Program Pricing & Availability

The total cost of the Vert Shock program original is $134. However, Vert Shock is now available for a one-time discount fee of $67.

Vert Shock comes with a complete 100% money-back guarantee. If you don’t like the program or are dissatisfied with the results, simply email the issuer and request a refund. You have 60 days from the date of purchase to request a refund, which is plenty of time to try out the Vert Shock program and see whether it works for you. 


There are bonuses for the users that buy Vert Shock Program. You get all of these freebies after you complete the payment for the program.

Bonus #1

‘The  4 Vertical Jump Killers’ ($17 value) helps you learn about how to ditch the BS, how to avoid the common myths and the mistakes that every player makes.

Bonus #2

‘The 5 Dirty Secrets To Jumping Higher’ ($29 value) tells you about the quick hacks to add up extra inches to your height.

Bonus #3

‘Weekly Check-Ins’ ($49 value) helps in increasing your consistency with the help of behavioral psychology.

Bonus #4

‘The Jumper’s Diet Checklist ($19 value) gives you an idea of the food items that add in to maximize your vertical jump.

Bonus #5

‘NBA Jump Secrets Revealed’ ($59 value) provides you with the MCV secret to enhance your leap height by changing your velocity and much more.

Bonus #6

The ‘Power Leak Fix’ for Overnight Hops ($25 value)

Bonus #7

Olympic High Jump Hacks Revealed ($25 value)

Bonus #8

The Slingshot Secret to Instantly Jump Higher ($25 value)

Bonus #9

The Vert Shock Maintenance Program ($39 value)


The ‘Dunk Now’ Visualization Workout ($26 value)


The VERT SHOCK Vert Tracker Workbook ($17 value)

Final verdict on Vert Shock Program

So, if you’re looking for a vertical jump program that can help you enhance your leap while requiring almost no equipment, then the Vert Shock program is the best for you. From Vert Shock reviews, you can understand how this guide is helpful for your practice. I’ve seen individuals repeat the Vert Shock program for better results, but picture what a 9-to-15-inch rise could do for you.

The Vert Shock program is certainly one of the more severe training programs that focuses on increasing the vertical jump. You get to do exercises that emphasize your core and legs, making it necessary for you to be in proper form to avoid injuries.

I guess Vert Shock program is a must if you wish to increase your vertical leap height. They have given 100% genuine results, which makes them reliable for you to spend your money.

Vert Shock Program is indeed your way to become the best dunker!

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Click Here To Download The Vert Shock Program From The Official Website (60 Days Money Back Guarantee)


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