Total Revive Plus Reviews – Can This Upwellness Formula Really Enhance Your Digestion?

Here is a complete Total Revive Plus review that answers all your queries and clears all your doubts about Total Revive Plus.

If your bowel movements are unhealthy and seem to disrupt all the plans in your daily lifestyle constantly, then it is about the right time for you to try Total Revive Plus.

Total Revive Plus Reviews – Does This Digestive Enzyme Formula Improves Your Overall Health?

Total Revive Plus is a solution for several different problems that millions of people go through regarding indigestion and irregular bowel movements. It will make you healthier, stronger and keep you more active throughout the day. 

Total Revive Plus reviews
Product NameTotal Revive Plus
ManufacturerDr. Joshua Levitt
Manufacturing CompanyUpwellness Company
Product FormatCapsules
Health BenefitsEnhance digestion & gives balanced and regular bowel movements
IngredientsAmylase, Invertase, Lactase, DPP-IV, Much more.
Quantity90 capsules
Dosage1 or 2 capsules after meals
Result2 – 3 months
Side EffectsNo side effects reported
MultipackAvailable in 1 bottle, 3 bottles, and 6 bottles
AvailabilityOnly Through Official Website
Official WebsiteClick Here!

What is Total Revive Plus? 

Constipation is a very common problem among people of all ages in this era. Some have difficulty maintaining a daily bowel movement, while some have too much of it frequently after every meal. Total Revive Plus is a healthy dietary supplement manufactured by UpWellness that helps you overcome all such issues. It works effectively in curing digestion problems and all the other issues in the body that come with it. In addition, it ensures the energy inside every food that we consume is properly utilized, thereby keeping people physically and mentally healthy.

Total Revive Plus Manufacturer – Dr. Joshua Levitt

The founder of Total Revive Plus, Dr. Joshua Levitt, has a degree in physiology from UCLA and a doctorate in naturopathic medicine from the prestigious Bastyr University. In addition, he has more than 20 years of experience in dealing with thousands of patients in his private clinic in Connecticut.

Total Revive Plus Manufacturer

Dr. Joshua Levitt says that the key to dealing with health issues is not using conventional or naturopathic medicines. Instead, he believes that health problems can be cured by combining the science and theory behind both these fields.

After hearing his patients’ digestive and constipation-related problems, he realized that whatever the diet plan and the medicines taken, there is no effective solution that finally solves the stomach issues. Therefore, using his years of experience and the abundant knowledge he gained from research, he formulated Total Revive Plus tablets with a composition made by combining the science and theories behind both conventional and naturopathic medicines.

Total Revive Plus Ingredients

Dr. Joshua Levitt’s Total Revive Plus formula is a combination of several digestive enzymes and adaptogenic superfoods. Here are a few ingredients used in Total Revive Plus:

🔷Amylase: This is one of the most important digestive enzymes required by our body for digesting carbohydrates that comprise a large chunk of our food.  Proper digestion of carbohydrates is essential because otherwise, it leads to fat deposits in the body. It also results in a lack of energy. Hence, amylase in the capsules breaks down carbs and ensures restoring the energy levels in the body.

Total Revive Plus Ingredient Amylase

🔷Invertase: Sucrose is the sugar content that we naturally consume through the fruits and vegetables that we eat. Our body cannot utilize energy directly from sucrose. Instead, it has to be broken down to extract its two significant elements, i.e., glucose and fructose. And invertase is the digestive enzyme that takes care of this process. 

Total Revive Plus Ingredient Invertase

🔷Lactase: All dairy products contain an element called lactose which is hard to digest. As a result, there are several people whose bowel movements are adversely affected by the intake of dairy products. It is purely due to the lack of the Lactase enzyme. Hence, Total Revive Plus natural formula has Lactase as an active ingredient. 

Total Revive Plus Ingredient Lactase

🔷DPP-IV: DPP-IV stands for dipeptidyl peptidase IV. It is a powerful enzyme that deals with digesting gluten content inside the food you take. People are shifting to gluten-free diets because they are sensitive to it and because gluten leads to gastric problems. All this is due to the lack of enough DPP-IV enzymes to digest the gluten in our food. And this is the reason why Total Revive Plus supplement provides you with the right amount of DPP-IV to digest the gluten from the food you are consuming.

Total Revive Plus Ingredient DPP-IV

🔷Cellulase: All plant foods that we consume, like green leafy vegetables, consist of cellulose. It is a fiber that is not much suitable for humans, so it is a little difficult to digest the cellulose content in these foods. Cellulase is the digestive enzyme that breaks down cellulose into simple carbohydrates. 

Total Revive Plus Ingredient Cellulase

🔷Amla: Amla is one of the three adaptogenic superfoods used in Total Revive Plus capsules. Amla is heavily rich in Vitamin C, due to which the overall health of the body can be improved. In addition, the fiber levels of Amla are incredibly high, resulting in regular and smooth bowel movements.

Total Revive Plus Ingredient Amla

How does Total Revive Plus work? 

The Total Revive Plus review will clearly provide the working of the digestive enzyme formula. The key aspect of the Total Revive Plus digestive enzyme formula is that it boosts digestion in the body by providing additional digestive enzymes to the stomach. Total Revive Plus natural supplement enhances better digestion in the stomach in the following way: 

  • Ten important digestive enzymes, namely Amylase, Invertase, Maltase, Lactase, DPP-IV, Phytase, Protease, Lipase, Cellulase, and Serratia Peptidase, are introduced into the body with every Total Revive Plus tablet consumed.
  • These digestive enzymes play the most important role in maintaining your body’s digestive system. They should be generally available in the body, but their production is reduced due to several factors like stress, ageing, poor diet, etc.
  • These digestive enzymes are the ones that break down the food that we consume into smaller molecules. The proteins and carbohydrates present in these foods are split into individual elements by the enzymes to extract glucose.
  • When all the food is broken down well into smaller molecules, the food is digested properly. As a result, all the energy and nutrients are perfectly absorbed into the blood and effectively utilized by the body.
Total Revive Plus working

As the food is properly digested, it results in healthy bowel movements. Eating less nutritious food makes you hungrier, making you eat more food and resulting in excess body fat. But as the nutrients are well absorbed with the help of Total Revive Plus natural supplement, it gives sufficient energy to stay active all day. 

Total Revive Plus Benefits

The Total Revive Plus formula has numerous benefits. Some of them are listed below:

☑️It enhances the process of digestion.

☑️Improves our energy levels.

☑️Results in balanced and regular bowel movements. 

☑️Refluxes and heartburns are reduced.

☑️The process of digestion is completed within the right time without keeping the stomach heavy for longer periods.

☑️Ensures that all kinds of food are digested properly, letting you eat anything and everything you wish for.

☑️It stops the common issue of eating excess unhealthy food due to constant food cravings.

☑️It maintains a healthy microbiome.

☑️Reduces problems of gas formation, indigestion, sour stomach, and bloating.

☑️Improves the overall health of your body by promoting a healthy immune system

☑️It also reduces stress and mental tension. 

Total Revive Plus Side effects

According to the Total Revive Plus reviews given by the people using Total Revive Plus, the side effects are very minimal and are considered almost negligible. The usage of pure digestive enzymes and useful adaptogenic substances is why there are no reported side effects.

Total Revive Plus Facts

Total Revive Plus Dosage & How to use them?

1-2 capsules of Total Revive Plus have to be taken after every meal. It gives you fast results, and the changes are reviewed to be visible from day one itself, and they keep accelerating with every dose you take. You can notice the food being digested comparatively quicker and the regular bowel movements within the first week.

Total Revive Plus Results & Longevity

The results could be visible within the first week. However, it takes time for all the results to be clear and prominent and for your body to regain its complete health and activeness. Consistency is key. This product is designed not to mask symptoms and instead heal them from the root causes. Hence, it is advisable to try this product for a minimum of 2-3 months before deciding whether or not it is useful. Furthermore, to unleash its complete benefits and improve the entire body’s health, it is advisable to continue taking these pills for 1-2 years.

Is Total Revive Plus Legit? 

The product is positively reviewed by all the customers who are currently using it. And all the ingredients used are 100% natural and of the highest quality. Each component used is well tested, and the manufacturing process is done while taking several safety measures. There are also no proprietary blends in the product. So, yes, it is very much legit.

Total Revive Plus Customer Reviews & Complaints

The Total Revive Plus reviews have been excellent and encouraging. All the customers felt more energized and less stressed about daily bowel movements. There are no much-reported complaints, and the customers are delighted as they can see improvement in the body’s overall health.

Total Revive Plus Customer Reviews

Total Revive Plus Price & Availability

  • Each bottle of Total Revive Plus costs $47
  • To enjoy further discounts, the cost per bottle is $42.75 when you purchase 3 months of supply (i.e., 3 bottles).
  • The price is even lesser, with only $28.50 per bottle when 6 months of supply (i.e., 6 bottles) is purchased at once. 

The product can be purchased from the official website. Many unauthorized websites claim to sell Total Revive Plus capsules, but none of those websites should be trusted.

Total Revive Plus Bonus

You get a complimentary bottle of Probiotic Plus with every order of Total Revive Plus. It is also a product from Dr. Levitt that helps facilitate the digestive processes in the body with easy digestion of food with the help of the six probiotics included in the product. 

Total Revive Plus Bonus

Final Verdict Total Revive Plus

Constipation is a very common and never-ending problem and the Total Revive Plus reviews given above conclude that it is a product that assures to cure this problem. All the ingredients used are only enzymes that are guaranteed to be 100% natural and best quality. 

All the customer reviews are highly positive and promising. The product also has important GMP certification. In addition, there is also a money-back guarantee if the product does not seem to work within the first two months of usage. So, there appears to be no harm in giving it a try after consulting with your doctor.

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