COVID-19: What Is The Right Time To Get Vaccine Booster Shots?

COVID-19 booster shots may be coming for some countable Americas but still, there is an important science that has to be applied before injecting into the body.

It should consider who needs them and when to get them. At the start of September 20 Initial plan of Biden was to offer Pfizer or Moderna named booster shots.

COVID-19: What Is The Right Time To Get Vaccine Booster Shots?

According to the study it has been acknowledged that officials will not be able to ready the shots within the time limit. The food and drug administration needs more data to judge Moderna boosters. Since the development of vaccines, this has been a big question for many people including experts. However, it depends on one’s immunity level and some more factors if he needs to have a booster shot.

COVID-19: What Is The Right Time To Get Vaccine Booster Shots?

Concern over immunity waiting long term for another shot might affect old-age vaccinated citizen as in them immunization process continued at a faster rate.

It is not clear to the scientist of the FDA’s that whether they should recommend people to get one or they don’t need them at this point.

That’s an important decision has to be made because in the report it has been shown a good amount of result. Where due to shots people stand strongly against the rare case of diseases and fight with them.

But it’s unclear to say that this dropping infection rate is due to vaccination or due to increased immunity or by considering masks and other precautions to be followed.

“When to boost or not to” became a big judgment to be taken said Dr. Jesse good man, an FDA vaccine chief of Georgetown University.

Besides America, many other countries have also started to offer boosters.

We need to know how the booster shots work against infection. They help by giving training to our immune system to fight against coronavirus threads by producing antibodies in large numbers.

The antibody will not allow the virus to let inside our healthy cells and triggers an immune response by antigen production.

In the U.S with Pfizer and Moderna, Johnson-Jonson doses were also authorized by the food and drug administration to help fight against the third wave of COVID-19.

According to immunologist Ali Ellebedy of Washington University, no one is yet clear about the efficacy for protection.

Below a limit of protection, all are at risk level or who are at mild-level. But the main purpose of getting vaccinated is to stay one hand distance from severe diseases.

People with initial vaccination produce different responses. It responds according to the age of the person. For example, younger vaccinated people had more capability for the production of antibodies than older people.

That means, after passing a few months or years you will gain experience with mild fever, declined number of antibodies, and no infection.

A recent decision by FDA(U.S. Food and Drug Administration) states that people with a weak immune system due to organ transplants, cancer, and other need to take a third dose of vaccination for long-term protection.

After getting a booster, the production of antibodies is the only way of protection. The body’s immune system is like its armed forces border. For any pathogen causing agent it has to cross or fight with antibody soldiers.

If your immunologic memory is stronger no pathogen will get a chance to harm your body.

One must not wait for eight to twelve months to get a booster after vaccination as the timing works here with efficacy. Over months protective layer of the immune system builds up gradually.

So it’s necessary to provide a booster before the maturation of immune system response.

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