Low-Level Air Pollution Increase Risk Of Cardiovascular Diseases

According to this study, some of the prolonged exposures are seen in the air pollution where they can be linked with the increased risks for coronary heart disease and strokes.

On this note, some of the levels when they are gone below the limits they are specified with WHO and EU. While, when this is shown among many people, researchers are established with the help of several studies.

Low-Level Air Pollution Increase Risk Of Cardiovascular Diseases

The link between the air quality in the area and heart condition was to date not revealed which is known by this study now.

Low-Level Air Pollution Increase Risk Of Cardiovascular Diseases

Hence those who live in an area where air quality is poor due to industries or any other reasons the risk of cardiovascular diseases remains higher and may prove fatal also over a period. The experts have taken samples from various cities in the USA and Europe which have revealed this fact.

Researchers say that “results will indicate the present air quality guidelines which do not provide the sufficient protection”.

Peter Ljungman is the lead researcher and author of this study he says that “this study is having major collaborations that are involved with more than 137,000 participants from the six different cohorts.

Based on an average of 17 years, the researcher had investigated the links between strokes and acute coronary heart disease which are prolonged with exposures to fine and particulate matters like nitrogen dioxide (NO2), ozone (O3), and black carbon.

According to this study, researchers had discovered a 10 percent increase of risks by the sufferings for stroke on every increase of 5 micrograms per every cubic metal that particulates finely in the air we live.

This study shows the shreds of evidence of air pollution in the urban areas that contribute to the risks for strokes even after some adjustments with noise.

Based on this study, we can find many countries which are having clean air whereas, despite being clean some countries are having at low levels of air pollution that stands below the AQI values of 100.

Based on the epidemiological study, researchers had reported that exposure to air pollution is increased with longer and shorter terms that carry the cardiovascular mortality by an instant and keep on the increase for the myocardial infarction, heart failure events, and strokes that occur.

This study shows the findings regarding air pollution which increases rapidly at the lowest levels and followed the health effects that occur with heart strokes and other cardiac events.

Annette Peters is the lead researcher and author of this study; she says that there is no safety for thresholds while the researchers are having links between the nitrogen dioxide and the black carbons with an increased risk for strokes.

On another note, nitrogen dioxide and black carbons are having an increased risk of coronary heart disease for every 10 micrograms and cubic meters in the air with a 4 percent increase in the risk of coronary heart disease.

This study is not established with casual links where researchers are unable for detecting the safe thresholds below the air pollution levels which are certified as harmless for cardiovascular health.

Researchers say that based on the adverse effects, fine particulate matter and nitrogen dioxide are seen during the analysis which is limited among the participants who are exposed to the levels on the limits by EU and WHO.

Peter Ljungman is the lead researcher of this study; he says that this study carries the worrying factors which shows the major impacts on how does the aggressively that strive should be done for the good air quality for preventing the serious and common diseases.

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