COVID-19 Patients Are Having Platelets Key For Damage Of Blood Vessel 

According to the new study findings, abnormal crosstalk is mentioned between the blood platelets and other cell linings with blood vessels on one single cause with deadly organ damage in the COVID patients severely.

Many researchers are revealing the study with protein signals that are given off by the platelets and cell fragments that are contributed for blood clotting, abnormal clotting, damage for vessels, and creating the inflammation that is exposed during a pandemic.

COVID-19 Patients Are Having Platelets Key For Damage Of Blood Vessel 

The number of platelets can help the expert know the level of infection and quickly decide a better line of treatment that can prove life-saving for the patient. A better number of such platelets can save one from the severe condition and proper treatment at right time may prove as a blessing for him.

COVID-19 Patients Are Having Platelets Key For Damage Of Blood Vessel 

According to the identification works, two related genes are identified S1000A8 and S1000A9 are turned up in the platelets of COVID patients that cause more myeloid-related proteins from 8 and 14.

On this note, higher levels of the two patients are known to be operated as pairs for being present in the immune cells with large amounts.

Based on the links of this study, higher levels are occurred by inflammations and clotting inside the vessels with greater severity disease says longer hospitals.

According to the supportive theory of platelets, some of the core blood vessels re damaged with COVID-19 where the research team had presented some shreds of evidence to approve medications that are known to block the platelet activations in platelet surface proteins 

On this note, P2Y 12 means ticagrelor and clopidogrel are reduced with COVID-related inflammations inside the vessels.

This study finds the exposed platelets of COVID-19 by changing the lining cells of blood vessels that are largely found in proteins known as p-selectin; this makes the platelets stickier with likely formations of clotting.

Based on the findings, new roles were revealed for the platelets in the blood vessels of COVID damage and this can be explained by the larger parts which make the COVID virus more deadly compared to relative diseases such as cold.

Tessa Barrett is the lead researcher of this study, she says that better understanding must be made for abnormal bodes and body-wide inflammations with blood clotting that are identified earlier in this pandemic measure. 

On another note, central features are severe with COVID-19 and thought to have interrelated measures.

The authors of this study say that blood components are reactive towards injuries on the vessels which trigger the inflammations sticking to the clump in the clots together.

Based on some suggestions study reports that platelets act as culprits for the damage observed, and pieces of evidence were found during mounting the interplay of platelets and endothelial cells which are important for disease mechanisms. 

This central study is observed in endothelial cells which are formed from small blood vessels that are exposed to fluids and get released from the platelets with COVID patients and healthy patients. 

According to the genetic material found, sequences are ordered accordingly with molecular letters by forming codes with active genes in each of the cases. 

During the presence of activated platelets of COVID-19, some of the changes were made and observed during the endothelial activity of cells that are exposed within 485 transcripts.

During the initial larger lists, researchers identified the potential culprits through cross-references on the databases to reduce the candidate lists for genetic materials, S100A8, and S100A9.

On a final note, while targeting the p-selectin might block the platelets and other endothelial cells for activation and interactions where some of the inhibitors only address platelets.

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