Marijuana Use Increased Among College Students In 2020

According to this study, Marijuana usage is resumed and continued among college students over five years which is remained historical at the same ages in the year 2020.

Though the number of users who consume marijuana keeps on increasing among which the youth has got the highest number, the experts demand regulations on the use of the same to protect the gen-next.

Marijuana Use Increased Among College Students In 2020

According to the survey results, 2020 is having MTF (monitoring the future) study which represents higher usage of marijuana levels that is vaping and nicotine that is leveled off in the year 2020.

Marijuana Use Increased Among College Students In 2020

If the same level of increase remains more youth will be consuming marijuana in coming years and the nation will have to suffer a huge loss said an expert.

Based on the reports, the increase seen every year from 2017 has both college students and other respondents from college. 

Among many college students, there are specific reasons that show a significant increase in annual usage for hallucinogens and other significant drops and substantial factors in the alcohol usage between 2019 and 2020 years.

Nora D. Volkow is the lead researcher of this study says that the COVID-19 pandemic will dramatically change the interaction way for younger people with other offers and some opportunities are examined on drugs with behavior shifts through changes.

Based on some investigations, different substances were used in the young population with some impacts on shift over time. 

Based on the MTF (monitoring the future) study, it will track annually the usage of substance among the non-college and college students during adult ages.  

Based on some fundings, NIDA has taken part in surveys based on the annually conducted researchers, scientists are doing social research that is based on the college student’s data.

Ann Arbor is the lead researcher who says that marijuana usage continues on the increase for past years from the college students through the reach of the highest level in 2020 where 44 percent is reported with marijuana usage and 38 percent in 2015.

Based on the representations, a significant increase has occurred among adults with marijuana usage that are remained at 43 percent.

According to the contrasts, some things are increased with marijuana usage and records high that are observed among adult people with 35 percent by reporting marijuana usage from the 2020 year.

Additions of the daily usage are continued on the rise among the colleges since 2015 with 8 percent and compared with 5 percent and 13 percent which are consistently maintained in recent years.

The vaping marijuana and nicotine vaping, hallucinogen usage, alcohol usage is mentioned which are surveyed and recorded. This increases dramatically among college students and having vaping usage.

Researchers say that previous year’s hallucinogens are increased where 9 percent of college students are reported with the usage of hallucinogen and having annual usage which increases significantly in the year 2020.

On another note, alcohol usage is termed as lower usage among students as non-college students are using this alcohol usage as a trend from the past five years which is increasing daily on binge drinking too.

John Schulenberg is the lead researcher of this study; he says that future panel study is reported while the binge drinking is gradually declined among the college students from past few decades that are termed to be in COVID pandemic.

Some other highlights are surveyed in the year 2020 among college adults with cigarette smoking, non-medical usage of amphetamines, and other prescriptions that are misused by using opioids.

Based on the results of this study, by monitoring the future surveys, substance usage and some related attitudes are maintained among teen adults mainly in the United States in the year 2021.

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