COVID-19 Susceptibility Linked To Blood Clots, Thrombophlebitis, And Circulatory Diseases

Researchers have found that COVID-19 susceptibility with the increased blood clots events in the lungs and legs, causing circulatory and thrombophlebitis diseases. COVID-19 has been causing many other diseases including cardiac-related and lungs.

Doctors are constantly working on the pieces to know more about other traits so that they could find the problems before it arises. COVID-19 has caused much death and still spreading especially in kids as adults are vaccinated. However, even vaccinated people are getting affected by this virus. 

COVID-19 Susceptibility Linked To Blood Clots, Thrombophlebitis, And Circulatory Diseases

This virus is much different than normal viruses and it has an impact on several organs in the body at a time which leads to a critical medical condition.

COVID-19 Susceptibility Linked To Blood Clots, Thrombophlebitis, And Circulatory Diseases

It affects the lungs and hence the oxygen level in the body is seriously affected. This leads to blood clots and other circulatory functions of the body impacted and the patient can have multiple organ failures that lead to death in a few hours also. To counter this situation the spread of the virus must be checked.

This research has used a PheWAS (Phenome-wide) analysis that included up to 400000 European ancestry individuals, who were derived from UK Biobank researchers aiming to identify the cause and diseases related to COVID-19 severity and susceptibility.

This analysis allowed the researcher’s team to make with the predictive COVID-19 score of genetic and to know the risk of each individual in the UK biobank. This score was analyzed against all available diseases and traits in UK biobank in the free manner of hypothesis. 

This research also found that COVID-19 which is genetically predicted is significantly related to the increase of 11% phlebitis and 10% risk in blood clots of the leg. It is attacking the heart, lungs, legs and making people feel weaker than their usual state. Researchers have proven many other traits and diseases which can be generated from them. They are also working towards the goal to get medication for new and upcoming diseases related to COVID-19 so that it would be helpful for them to handle patients. 

Dr. Eirini Marouli, Study lead, and Lecturer in Computational Biology at the Queen Mary University of London said: “This PheWAS was led to decide whether hereditarily anticipated COVID-19 defenselessness and seriousness is related with different infections and attributes, analyzing every one of them in a speculation freeway.

For COVID-19 helplessness, we distinguished an expanded danger of phlebitis and thrombophlebitis. Also, we tracked down that overall COVID-19 powerlessness was related with an expanded danger of blood clumps in leg and lung; factors associated with COVID-19 mortality.” 

“The outcomes from our investigation add important data for the ID and definition of people at expanded COVID-19 danger and different intricacies after contamination. Our investigation distinguishes a huge relationship of hereditarily anticipated COVID-19 defenselessness with expanded blood cluster occasions in the leg and lungs, thrombophlebitis, and circulatory infections. Our discoveries could have further importance for an individual with long-COVID difficulties.”

It doesn’t end here as people still have to take proper care of their health and protect themselves from the spread of the virus. Researchers have found that once a person is diagnosed with COVID-19, they can face other issues as well mostly related to the heart and lungs.

This virus is leaving many symptoms of other traits even if a person testes negative. Many doctors from the United States and all over the world are working towards the goal to find all kinds of problems that can be created with the virus in a human body. So, it is important for every individual not to take their health for granted and take proper care with the right medication.

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