Weight LossRelation Between Coffee And Weight Loss - Coffee Helps...

Relation Between Coffee And Weight Loss – Coffee Helps To Lose Weight?


Coffee is undoubtedly the most popular morning beverage that is consumed all across the globe. Believe it or not but over 160 million bags of coffee are consumed in a year by people. You usually take coffee to kick start your day. But do you know that coffee also helps to shed that extra weight?

Yes, you heard that correctly; the coffee you drink also helps achieve your weight loss goals. Coffee is considered a healthy beverage, but it also depends on the fact how you make it. Drinking too much coffee is an absolute no-no.

Do Drinking Coffee Aids Weight Loss?

So when you are trying to lose weight, you should also be well aware of where to draw the line. Here’s what you should know about coffee and weight loss and how much you should drink to lose weight.

Coffee is rich in nutrients such as magnesium, potassium, niacin, and antioxidants- nutrients like this help improve one’s digestive health, support muscle function, and promote better heart health. Coffee is also rich in caffeine, which boosts metabolism, enhances energy level, and promotes weight loss.

Relation Between Coffee And Weight Loss

Here are some weight loss and health-related benefits of taking coffee regularly:

Black Coffee Promotes weight loss

Black coffee is known to act as a catalyst for weight loss. It contains zero fat, calories, and cholesterol. It is rich in antioxidants and caffeine that promote and boost metabolism. Also, if you love to exercise and enjoy your daily workouts, black coffee will help you keep energized.  Furthermore, black coffee also helps to reduce water weight. But one should also note that the benefits of coffee can only be unleashed if one consumes coffee with only water. You should not brew coffee with other additives like cream, sugar, or milk. If you add this to your coffee cup, you will be adding the calorie content, which will certainly not help improve your weight goals. Instead, you can add supplements as said in Java Burn customer reviews which increase your metabolism rate.

Caffeine boost Metabolism

The caffeine present in the coffee helps to boost the metabolism. The metabolism process allows the body to break down the nutrients and utilize the food’s calories throughout the day. Also, the studies conducted have shown that caffeine helps to increase the basal metabolic rate (BMR). It also helps to burn calories while one is resting.

A study conducted in 2018 showed that participants who drank coffee of varied measures over the course of two months had a better metabolic rate and metabolites. The increase of the metabolic rate thus helped to burn the extra calories during rest and physical activities.

Furthermore, caffeine may also decrease the feeling of hunger. And make one lose their appetite. Appetite is influenced by an array of factors like the type of food, the hormones released, and the physical activities performed. Studies have shown that caffeine reduces ghrelin levels, the hormone that makes you feel hungry.

To lose weight, do not entirely rely on coffee. No doubt that coffee acts as a catalyst to speed up the process of weight loss, but regular exercise, a healthy balanced diet,  and portion control are essential for weight loss.

Independent global public health practitioner and advocate for NCDs. Also worked as Assistant Professor of Community Medicine.


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