VivaSlim Reviews – Does This Weight loss Liquid Help In Reducing Excess Fat

VivaSlim Reviews (October Update): In this VivaSlim review, we will talk about the revolutionary supplement that VivaSlim is. One of the major concerns we have with our bodies is our weight management cycle. It often happens that people lose control of their weight control cycle. If you have been struggling with keeping your weight under control, the VivaSlim supplement is the undoubted answer to all your worries.

VivaSlim Reviews – Can You Lose Weight Safely With This Supplement?

There are many weight management supplements in the market, but VivaSlim drop is completely different from them in its composition and use. VivaSlim is a natural weight loss supplement that can help obese people and those struggling with body image issues. In this review, we talk about the effect of the VivaSlim supplement on the body and how it helps you achieve your dream slim body. If you are ready to rediscover your body and self-confidence, read on to find out more about VivaSlim drops. This is a complete VivaSlim Review that covers all your queries about the supplement.

VivaSlim Reviews
Product NameVivaSlim
BrandSimple Promise
BenefitWeight Loss
Item FormDrops
IngredientsIrvingia Gabonensis, Maca, L-Ornithine, Etc.
Dosage 2 Drops twice a day
Money-back guarantee365 Days
Available at Official Website
Official WebsiteClick Here

What is VivaSlim?

VivaSlim drops, as a supplement, is a weight loss supplement that works at the micro-level in increasing your body’s internal metabolism by speeding up catabolic processes. The supplement acts against deposits of cellular fat to actually reduce their occurrence in the body. VivaSlim weight loss supplement is different from other weight loss supplements because it is in a liquid form. Its liquid form gets fast absorbed into the body and works well than other weight loss capsules.

VivaSlim liquid supplement has a proven formula that helps you get rid of the cellular fat trap that creates stubborn fat deposits in your body. With a regular intake of VivaSlim drops, your body readily burns fat and creates a slim look for itself. If you have always wanted to become slimmer, but no weight loss capsule worked for you, you should give VivaSlim’s innovative formula a try. The formula of the VivaSlim weight loss supplement has worked for thousands of men and women till now, with every user reporting amazing results.


VivaSlim weight loss Manufacturer

VivaSlim drop is manufactured by Simple Promise with pure and natural ingredients. These ingredients are isolated and processed in GMP-certified laboratories, and Simple Promise ensures the highest quality of the supplement for all its customers.

VivaSlim Drops Ingredients

There are many beneficial ingredients in VivaSlim drops that together create a formula that effectively burns body fat. The most notable ingredients of this liquid weight management formula are-

Irvingia Gabonensis– The main ingredient of VivaSlim drop is the African mango or Irvingia Gabonensis. The extracts from Irvingia Gabonensis help in raising the levels of Adiponectin in the body, which helps in getting rid of excess fat in the body. The extracts from this plant are proven to burn stored fat for many years as well as active fat too. Thus, Irvingia Gabonensis not only helps you in weight reduction but also brings weight under control through regular management. Extracts from Irvingia Gabonensis are proven to safeguard digestive health and improve overall metabolism so that weight remains under control. It is an excellent appetite suppressor and a calorie burner.

Maca Maca is a great plant extract to consume because it works on multiple levels. Apart from improving your overall mood and energy level, it also works towards controlling blood glucose levels. It is, therefore, very beneficial for obese and diabetic people. Maca extracts also work towards managing hormone cycles that are closely linked with weight management. Thus, if you have been suffering from obesity because of hormonal imbalance, Maca regulates your hormones to normal. Maca also reduces your anxiety and stress level, which in turn also helps in reducing eating under stress and other triggers that may contribute to weight gain.

L-Glutamine– It is an amino acid that is a part of the human diet and can be taken as a supplement too. Many studies show that L-Glutamine is good for intestinal health and may trigger weight loss too. It helps in the reduction of waist size and keeps visceral fat under control. It helps in maintaining insulin levels in the body too.

L-Ornithine– L-Ornithine helps in detoxifying the body. It helps in getting rid of toxins that enhance weight gain. The compound helps in keeping your body healthy and fit. Regular consumption of L-Ornithine may also increase lean muscle mass in the body.

L-Arginine– It is an essential amino acid that aids in weight loss and weight management. For example, it reduces the concentration of triglycerides, the building block of fat in blood serum. Moreover, it keeps blood glucose levels under check too. On the other hand, it also boosts skeletal muscle mass gain, helping you look fitter and leaner.

Apart from these five main ingredients, there are a number of other extracts that constitute the formula of Vivaslim. All 12 ingredients of VivaSlim weight loss liquid together work towards making you slimmer and healthier.

VivaSlim Ingredients

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How Does VivaSlim weight loss liquid work?

VivaSlim drop works with a mix of potent ingredients that are proven to induce fat loss. Often people try to lose weight through exercise and diet. However, these are all hit-and-miss tricks because you never know which diet may backfire on you. Similarly, not every type of exercise regime suits your body. Thus, you do not get consistent results from diet and exercise.

VivaSlim supplement, on the other hand, targets fat at a cellular level and removes the blockage from the cell’s cytokine gates. Opening up cytokine gates gets rid of all the fat deposits created earlier. Moreover, it also stops fats from accumulating further. VivaSlim liquid supplement has a positive impact on gut health, appetite, and blood glucose levels so that the internal metabolism of a body remains high. This helps in weight loss and management. Moreover, the VivaSlim weight loss supplement is good for a person’s overall energy levels and vitality as it prompts better health and not just a slimmer waist.

VivaSlim Working

VivaSlim supplement Benefits

There are many VivaSlim benefits to note down that will help you in gaining the body shape and fit you want.

  • Cuts through layers of fat– The formula works in the reduction of fat drastically, giving you an overall lean body. It fastens your metabolism that helps in the burning of fat.
  • Flattens your stomach– The VivaSlim formula helps in reducing stubborn belly fat. So, whether you have a beer belly or some excess rolls of fat, it flattens the paunch out and gives you an attractive midriff.
  • Reduces your waistline– If you have been thinking of getting a few inches to fall off your waistline, VivaSlim drop helps you get a slimmer waist. L-glutamine in VivaSlim works specifically on reducing the waistline.
  • Toned, even skin and facial features– VivaSlim works not only on belly fat but also on facial fat and other areas where you have unevenness because of fat. Thus, you end up with toned, youthful-looking skin and facial features. The formula tones arms, thighs, and face too.
  • Suppresses appetite– The formula of VivaSlim suppresses appetite and promotes healthier eating habits in people who have the habit of overeating. Thus, if you have an eating disorder due to stress or anxiety, that problem gets cured.
  • Balances weight management hormones– VivaSlim weight loss liquid works on the hormone cycle of a person to regulate it in a good way so that weight fluctuations due to hormonal imbalance is prevented.
  • Safeguards gut health– the composition of VivaSlim drop works from the inside and has a very positive impact on your digestive system and intestinal tract.
  • Improves energy levels and stamina– Many ingredients in VivaSlim supplement help you stay healthy and energetic. Your energy levels are maintained, and you stay motivated towards different tasks of daily life.

VivaSlim drops Side effects

VivaSlim, as a weight-loss supplement, works through a naturally intensive approach. The formula of VivaSlim weight loss liquid is completely natural and works well for anyone who struggles with obesity. However, since it has a lot of natural ingredients, it may contain certain allergens for users.

If you feel like there is an allergic reaction to using the VivaSlim supplement, you should consult a doctor. Moreover, the supplement is not meant for people who already struggle with excessive weight loss. It should only be consumed by adults of age 18 or above because it can be too powerful for an underage individual. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, converse with a  doctor prior to consuming the VivaSlim weight loss supplement. Moreover, if you are already under some medication, you need to talk to your doctor before starting the use of VivaSlim.

VivaSlim Dosage & how to use it?

The dosage of the VivaSlim supplement is quite simple to consume. For example, you can just take two drops of the liquid in its dropper and drop it off under your tongue twice a day. You can incorporate the dosage into your morning and nighttime routine. You can use it just after meals or just before you go to bed. The VivaSlim weight loss formula does not taste bad and is easy to use. With regular consumption, you will be able to see results.

VivaSlim Results & its longevity

The results from using VivaSlim drops show up very fast. You start to notice a gradual drop in body weight once you start consuming the supplement. Fat gets reduced every day with VivaSlim impact, and some people even talk about how they lose 1 to 2 pounds every day in their VivaSlim reviews. However, the supplement takes at least three months of consistent intake to show considerable results.

A person has to take the VivaSlim drops for at least 3 to 6 months for the results to last. After six months of consuming VivaSlim daily, it is seen that the person has a slimmer and fitter body that is completely different from his past obese self. You cannot just take the drops for a month and then discontinue them. Such a move will bring you back to square one. Instead, keep up a consistent intake of VivaSlim supplement and support it with a good diet and water intake.

Is VivaSlim supplement legit?

Yes, the VivaSlim supplement is legit because it has 12 power-packed ingredients that are proven for weight loss and management. It was created after years of research and clinical trials. The manufacturers of VivaSlim weight loss supplement gather the purest form of the ingredients and create a formula that works for any person struggling with obesity.

VivaSlim liquid is not like other weight loss supplements that lack authenticity. Its main ingredient is African mango or Irvingia Gabonensis that is known for its weight loss effect. Moreover, VivaSlim drops promote a way of getting slim without invasive procedures in a natural, healthy way. If you go by the thousands of VivaSlim reviews on the internet, the supplement’s authenticity is backed by loyal customers who have seen results with its regular usage. VivaSlim drop is completely safe and easy to use.

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VivaSlim Customer reviews & Complaints

VivaSlim reviews from customers have been overwhelmingly positive that improves its stake at being a promising and authentic supplement. Many customers have claimed that VivaSlim drop helped them gain back the figure of their youth and also promoted better health.

Many people claim that regular use of VivaSlim weight loss liquid keeps them energetic and motivated. People have seen this deliver its claims with regular use and regain their confidence and image with the help of it. There are no significant complaints from customers’ sides as it is designed to suit every person and is completely natural in the formulation. VivaSlim reviews from customers swear by its authenticity and good impact on overall health.

VivaSlim Customer Reviews

VivaSlim Pricing & Availability

VivaSlim supplement is available only on the official website of its manufacturer. The manufacturer has decided to exclusively sell VivaSlim drops on the official site to stop other brands from copying the formula and create fake copies of the original formula. Moreover, the manufacturer offers an array of discounts with a purchase from the official site.

The pricing of VivaSlim drops, according to its website, is-

  • Single Bottle– A single bottle comes at the price of $49 when you purchase it from the official site. This price is a discounted one, and you save $40 on the original price. Additionally, you get free shipping on the purchase of a single bottle.
  • Three-bottle bundle– When you buy the three-bottle bundle, your price per bottle goes down to $39 each. Additionally, you get free shipping on the purchase of the bundle. The three-bottle bundle is a good option to invest in if you are a first-time user because you have to try the product for at least three months for viable results.
  • Six-bottle bundle– You get six bottles at the price of $31 each when you buy this bundle. You also get free shipping on the delivery of this bundle.

Moreover, on every purchase of VivaSlim, you get a 365-day money-back guarantee that protects you from any risk or liability when you purchase the supplement.

Final Verdict On VivaSlim reviews

The verdict of the VivaSlim reviews is that the supplement is authentic and packed with 12 proven ingredients for weight loss. Thousands of people worldwide have seen great results with VivaSlim drop and still prefer it over any other weight loss supplement. The supplement is completely natural and well-formulated with no chance of side effects. It is created with years of research at a high-quality GMP-certified lab facility. With the VivaSlim weight loss supplement, you will get a high-quality and proven formula for weight management. Thus, if you have already tried other weight loss supplements to no avail, you should give VivaSlim weight loss liquid a chance to show its results.


Is the VivaSlim formula safe for use?

Yes, VivaSlim is clinically proven to be safe and effective for its consumers.

Are there any harmful chemicals to beware of when using VivaSlim?

No, VivaSlim is created with 12 natural ingredients, isolated in their purest forms.

Will I get a refund on my VivaSlim purchase if I want?

Yes, VivaSlim comes with a 365-day money-back guarantee where you can ask for a refund if the results from VivaSlim dissatisfy you.

Is there an auto subscription plan for buying VivaSlim?

No, there is no auto subscription plan for VivaSlim.

Can I consume VivaSlim irrespective of my age?

You cannot consume it if you are underage or below 18 years of age.

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