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Tactic Air Drone Reviews – Best HD Drone For Passionate Photographers!


Hello readers, if you are a passionate photographer, you must have heard the Tactic Air Drone review. This is an absolutely amazing product that can help you in many ways. When I came across this product, I was intrigued but I also had so many questions about it.

I could not find any Tactic Air Drone review that could answer all my questions. That is when I decided to write a detailed review of this amazing product. 

Tactic Air Drone Reviews – Can You Use It For HD Shoots Easily?

After the research, I came to know how this drone has managed to create its fan base in the market while there is already such tough competition.

Since the launch of the product, it has become a favorite for all photographers as well as others for so many reasons. Let me tell you about it in detail, without making you wait any longer. 

Tactic Air Drone Reviews
Product NameTactic Air Drone
Manufacturing CompanySLS Ltd
BenefitsCapture videos and pictures in 4K resolution
Specifications????Smart Follow Me Mode / Private Photographer
????Dual Camera & Picture-in-Picture Display
????Intelligent Gesture Recognition Control
????Motorized Active 4K Camera
????Modular 20 Min Long Fly Time Battery
????Optical Flow Positioning
Camera Resolution4k
Battery Backup3.7V 1800 mAh lithium-ion battery
Flying ModeHD
Official WebsiteClick Here

What is Tactic Air Drone?

As the name suggests, Tactic Air Drone is a drone that can be used for several reasons. It is manufactured by SLS Ltd. which is a fairly known organization that makes premium quality products of such kind. The design of the Tactic Air Drone is such that it looks very attractive and is very geometric that does not lead to any hassle when you travel.

The Tactic Air Drone is very portable, compact, and lightweight and it literally makes your life easy. You can fold the drone and pack it in your backpack.

It consists of two amazing cameras which include an HD camera in the front in order to offer a wide-angle view of the shot and a 480p camera that can be found at the bottom to capture the underneath area of your shot. You can easily control the Tactic Air Drone with the help of its app and it also functions with hand gestures. 

Tactic Air Drone Features

Along with being compact and portable, Tactic Air Drone has other features as well, that are given as follows- 

????Trajectory mode – This feature allows you to enjoy your drone with an automated flight option. It can be done using its mobile app in which you can draw a path for your drone and it will come back to you by following the flight path. 

????Gesture controls – Due to this feature, you have full control of the drone in your hand and the drone understands your hand gestures movement at close distances. This can be used to take great selfie shots. 

????Battery backup – Battery life is always one of the major concerns in every electronic device. This drone has a 3.7V 1800 mAh lithium-ion battery. It can work as long as 20 minutes when the drone is fully charged. 

????Dual camera – The Tactic Air Drone comes with two cameras. With the camera placed at the top of the drone, you can easily use it for HD shoots or recording whereas the other camera that is 480 p is placed at bottom of the drone to take underneath shots. 

????Camera stabilization – The cameras placed in this drone give you stability and provide you with crisp shots and images. 

????Portability – The Tactic Air Drone is a very compact and portable device. You can fold it and carry it in your backpack while traveling without any hassle. 

Tactic Air Drone Features

How does Tactic Air Drone work?

With its given features, the Tactic Air Drone works superbly. The feature of the gesture controller allows you to connect the device with your phone and you can guide your device with the controller. You can let it fly and watch the scene in real-time and take the picture when you think the shot is clear with hand gestures.

There is an inbuilt height sensor and anti-collision system that makes the Tactic Air Drone aware of the surroundings to avoid obstacles in the way and takes the perfect shot for you.

You can also put the Tactic Air Drone device on self pilot mode so that you continue to view the scene without any difficulty and take a shot whenever you want with your hand movements. 

Tactic Air Drone Working

Is Tactic Air Drone Device legit or not?

As far as I could find out, the claims promised by the manufacturer are genuine and the drone provides what it promises. Starting from its look, portability, controller, hand gesture movement, and battery life, customers are satisfied with everything since they know what to expect from the device. The Tactic Air Drone 4k has garnered positive responses from the majority of its customers if not all.

It may look like just another drone at first glance, but only after using it, will you find out what it’s worth. The 50% discount offer also shows that it values its customers and wants them to have a great experience with the Tactic Air Drone device. The positive response of its users is the biggest proof of its legitimacy. 

Tactic Air Drone Customer Reviews and Complaints

As I have mentioned earlier in this Tactic Air Drone review, the response that the Tactic Air Drone has received, in spite of the fact that there are various competitions available in the market, has been astonishing.

Upon talking to the users of the Tactic Air Drone device, people said that the claims made by the manufacturer are so transparent that they do not expect more than what is promised and it does give them the results.

The battery backup, looks, movement controls, etc. everything works great. It might be a little difficult for people who are using drones for the first time. 

Tactic Air Drone Pricing and Availability

Given its features and benefits, the Tactic Air Drone is quite affordable and also provides you with a range of prices for its customers. Here is the list:

????1 drone – One piece of Tactic Air Drone comes at $99 with free delivery charges.

????2 drones – Two devices can be bought at $80/each with zero shipping charges. 

????4 drones – This package comes at a price of $62/each with free delivery. 

????Buy 2 drones, get one free – This one can be purchased at $66 per device with free shipping. 

????Buy 3 drones, get 2 free – This is considered as the best seller package and comes at $59 per device. It also has a free shipping option.

The Tactic Air Drone is only available on its official website. It cannot be bought either from any retail store or any other e-commerce website. You may come across websites that sell the fake version of the device and you need to be careful while purchasing the device.

Final Verdict – Tactic Air Drone Reviews

Now let us sum up the Tactic Air Drone reviews. If you are looking to click some cool shots and you travel a lot, then this Tactic Air Drone is for you.

It is not only compact but also has a great battery life, controlling movements, dual cameras with great resolution that lets you shoot in 4K resolution, HD resolution as well as normal shots. It also has a year warranty which is a great deal.

The pricing range of the Tactic Air Drone is also commendable. I have never seen this kind of pricing range and then 50% discount offer. This could also be the best way to start your photography journey and you can click amazing shots without any hassle. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the battery life of the device?

The Tactic Air Drone supports a battery life of a minimum of 20 minutes. 

How many cameras does it have?

The Tactic Air Drone consists of two cameras, one at the top and another one at the bottom. 

Does this device have any warranty?

Yes, the Tactic Air Drone provides its customers with one year of warranty. 

Can I carry this device while travelling?

Yes, the Tactic Air Drone is very compact and portable. It can be folded easily and can be carried into any backpack.

What is the work of the gesture control feature in this device?

The gesture control feature allows you to control your device through hand movements at close proximity.


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