The Covid Pandemic Changed Patient Perceptions Of Colon Cancer

The effect of a COVID-19 flu epidemic on clients’ readiness to maintain consultations for non-COVID-19 diseases has been well recorded.

Still, a group of Virginia Commonwealth University scientists reports that home-administered fecal occult blood exams (FOBT) may offer a helpful workaround device for individuals who are hesitant to arrive at the clinic or an outpatient center for an endoscopy.

The Covid Pandemic Changed Patient Perceptions Of Colon Cancer

Throughout the epidemic, almost 30 percent of additional poll participants took home-based tests than prior.

With the fear of infection in mind, people only paid attention to immediate issues and kept screening and checkups on hold for a few days. Those who had no immediate signs also ignored the colon cancer screening, although they were recommended the same by experts.

The Covid Pandemic Changed Patient Perceptions Of Colon Cancer

This has been seen by a team of experts that conducted a study in this field.

During the online American College of Surgeons (ACS) Medical Conference 2021, Kristine Kenning, MD, MS, reported results from a study of persons age-eligible for testing. “The key message from our findings is that barriers to screening have increased during the pandemic, and we have to find a way to work with the community to increase those rates,” said Dr. Kenning, a chief general surgery resident at Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) School of Medicine, Richmond.

“Our study found that people are compliant with, and willing to do, home-based fecal occult blood testing. This test provides a very important way for us to increase screening for colorectal cancer.”

A total of 765 participants aged 50 & up took part in the cross-sectional study. Dr. Kenning & coworkers discovered that their responders completed more stool processes to COVID than the American Cancer Society stated (32% vs. 11%).

Throughout the epidemic, 50% of those polled indicated they took the FOBT. Those who indicated they received colon testing throughout the epidemic, on the other hand, were 44% more likely to have a colonoscopy.

“Our study looked at attitudes toward colorectal cancer screening and how they were impacted during the pandemic, both related to concerns about the pandemic as well as to economic impacts,” senior author Emily B. Rivet, MD, MBA, FACS, said.

“What we learned is that fecal occult blood testing was seen by patients as a viable alternative to conventional screening colonoscopy.” Dr. Rivet is an assistant professor in the section of colorectal surgery and an associated professor of general surgery in the medical faculty.

Copays are a source of worry for patients.

Interestingly a higher proportion of responders (7.4% vs. 2.6%) said they were unemployed throughout the epidemic than the years before.  In contrast, 41percent of participants were concerned regarding copays, with 57.6 percent citing this as a reason for postponing testing.

Dr. Kenning stated that she is collaborating on a follow-up evaluation of the pandemic’s effect on views regarding colorectal carcinoma testing along with Carrie Miller, Ph.D., MPH, the primary researcher of the wider survey.

The epidemic taught us a lot. “Even pre-pandemic, the rates for colorectal screening in the United States were very far from 100 percent, so I think the lessons that we are learning from this pandemic and working with patients to find alternatives to what the conventional approaches have been in the past are going to be applicable to care moving forward. This approach applies even if we do eventually enter a post-pandemic state, which is, of course, what we are all hoping for,” Dr. Rivet said.

According to Dr. Rivet, the survey results highlight the importance of tailoring colorectal cancer screening to each patient’s concerns and needs. “It’s important to have a conversation about all of these different alternatives and what the different positives and negatives are, “Rivet said.

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