Female Fat Cells Shows Higher Disease Protection

According to the study research, the investigators from the top universities are finding the highest preference in the mitochondria among the females in their fat tissues. Research study suggests that women’s protection will provide safety against metabolic diseases and obesity.

This study was published in Nature metabolism, where the mitochondria are explained by the researchers. Karthichekeyan Chella Krishnan is the lead researcher, assistant professor, and author of this study; he says that we are trying to produce the energy inside the body cells.

Female Fat Cells Shows Higher Disease Protection

According to the research study with the animal models, Chella Krishnan, the researcher had discovered the differing levels in the mitochondria that depend on the normal sex. He and his team had found similar results among humans too.

The research team has conducted several studies with the help of which it is found that the fat cells among women protect them from several diseases. The team has conducted the study with the help of samples from various areas.

Female Fat Cells Shows Higher Disease Protection

Chella Krishanna is the author of this study; he says that “by using both human population and mouse population, we can find the adipose tissues among females, fat tissues, and having more mitochondria compared to the male fat tissues.”

On this note, they found that there is only a number during the research, reports are counted on numbers, and also genes are expressed by the associations with the mitochondria when they were higher.

Researchers can also find that “functions of this study also work relatively higher and we believe that it might get translated into the metabolic diseases with the meaning of pre-menopausal females which mostly shows the protection from the metabolic diseases.

According to the study research, they identified the mitochondria gene from the sample taken and Ndufv, which shows the responsibility for that gene protection. Chella Krishnan also says that “same like the other genes, this finding is found as the higher amounts among the females who are associated with the lower incidence level and lower diabetic level of the complications from diabetes which also includes obesity, blood insulin levels, high cholesterol levels, and high blood glucose.

Based on this study, researchers say that “our research shows the statistical significance which shows the protection at odds with the obesity and other diseases” Chella Krishnan report that “research team had found the ROS (reactive oxygen species) generation, due to this the ROS generation is usually thought for being negative.”

On this note, the problem explains that there is a focus taken from the pathological ROS generation. Researchers also found that ROS generation is very good at the physiological level and always acts as the signal for increasing the mitochondrial biogenesis among the females which results in them not being obese. Nevertheless, males might become obese in the majority of the conditions.

According to this study data, the human data is compared and then used in this research study which had come and shown from the cohorts in the United States. Chella Krishnan had stated that “he hoped for finding the new prompt researchers which include more number of females compared to the males in their studies.”

On a final note, researchers say that “this study will take the least time for making them understand which is included by both sexes, i.e., male and female are included by the clinical studies and trials as well as preclinical studies and trials.

Krishnan says that “the majority of the studies have been published so far have compared only males to females with their conditions”, but the study completes when they include both the sexes as a complete picture result of this study.

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