African-American Men Are More Likely To Develop Prostate Cancer

According to the study, prostate cancer is known as the second-most common disease among men and behind skin cancer, where a quarter-million cases are diagnosed in the United States annually.

Researchers say that “African American men have heightened risk by dying and developing from the diseases” African Americans have likely results with more than 1.8 times for prostate cancer developing compared to the white men.

African-American Men Are More Likely To Develop Prostate Cancer

Dr. Eldra Daniels is the lead researcher and author of this study; she says that “genetics is playing the important role for the social environment and smoking history is limited by the physical activity” so that African American men have less access to high-quality care.

Among males, prostate cancer is one of the prime ailments that lead to fatality. The team of specialists has checked many cases where it is observed that males from African-American roots have got more effects of this type of cancer, and in most cases, it leads to the critical condition of the patient in a few days.

African-American Men Are More Likely To Develop Prostate Cancer

The data was tested on other males also where the level of such cases has been seen much lower than these males across the USA. The group of experts is still analyzing more cases to reach a conclusion that can offer some way out.

Based on the study findings, health disparities are seen majorly among African American men and are less likely to have a physician regularly. In historical terms, some attention is taken by the interventions compared to the other populations, and some mistrust is happening in the medical field for African American men.

According to the study of earlier screenings, the population is helping to overcome the mistrust based on Daniel’s reasons for African American men. This is the theory that researchers want to sound the alarm based on the timely importance of prostate cancer screenings.

On this note, not only for African Americans but also there is a significantly higher risk for developing prostate cancer where 2.2 times are favorable for deaths based on the diseases compared to the white men.

Daniels stated that “African American men tend to have aggressive prostate cancer that regularly metastasizes,” but it is equally important that they get screened for prostate cancer. So the American cancer society had recommended that African American men start their prostate cancer screening when they are aged 45 years.

The study says that men can consult their primary care physicians for prostate cancer screening which is required with a blood test for measuring the PSA (prostate-specific antigen). It is a protein that produces non-cancerous and cancerous tissues to perform the digital rectal examination. After this process urine test is conducted for further process in prostate screenings.

Researchers say that there are various treatment options for prostate cancer that vary and depend on cancer specifications with the help of the prostate gland at the early cancer stage. Daniels stated that “disparities are shown among African American population based on the treatment for prostate cancer.”

He added statements that “I want to raise the awareness among African American men citizens about the developing of higher risk and deaths related to prostate cancer” community and family members are required to know about the risks for encouraging and supporting their loved ones for their healthier lifestyle and pressure that require early screening tests.

On a final note, researchers say that most African American men have heightened risks for death and developing prostate cancer. These types of effects are essential that most of the population will follow the preventative measures and will seek the appropriate treatments if the cancer is diagnosed.

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