Obesity Causes 4 Million Deaths Every Year

According to the study, Novel obesity treatments are possessed with the modulations which show the microbiome guts and some kinds of gene therapies that can be underutilized to help the obese patients for fighting with it of the epidemic.

On this note, researchers say that this study is taken from the new manuscript based on the obesity treatment methods.

Obesity Causes 4 Million Deaths Every Year

Obesity invites many more ailments to the body, and a few of them can also lead to fatality or serious health conditions. With various research, it is confirmed that one may have to face ailments such as diabetes and hypertension if he falls in the category of obese.

There are various reasons that lead one to obesity, including a sedentary lifestyle and a diet with high fat.

Obesity Causes 4 Million Deaths Every Year

Based on a survey, nearly 20 percent of the children are reported, where among them, half of the adults are included from the United States who have obesity. But still, doctors are under confusion about prescribing effective methods for weight loss and other favorable medications.

Researchers say that most of the patients are not receiving the correct treatment procedure based on their requirements. At any instance, in obese patients, weight stigma exists in healthcare settings which makes obese people being obese hesitant and enables them to seek healthcare until the comorbidities are developed and also reaches up a dangerous stage.

According to the study, due to the lack of cost issues and insurance coverage, other factors will create a barrier for the patients to receive obesity treatment. Obesity treatments are the first epidemic crisis in the time. Still, this disease will lead to comorbidities in a serious way where cardiovascular diseases, significant shortness of breath which decreases their quality of life, diabetes, and fatty liver diseases.

Christos S. Mantozoros is the lead researcher and author of this study; he says that “till we all reach and understand the hormonal and genetic causes due to obesity, and how does the obesity will leaks towards the comorbidities” these all factors are included in the study to understand the recently started causes for the obesity among humans.

On this note, the study says that “this is a big discovery which had led the way to different effective therapies” some of the authors of this study has mapped out the hormonal and molecular pathways which lead to obesity-related diseases such as comorbidities, study data shows the researchers about insights that are required to design, implement, and test the new obesity-related therapies.

Researchers say that this study is highlighted by the requirements for more effective and safer obesity treatments and therapies which also include the new vaccines, new modulation of gene therapy and gut microbiome, and new drug delivery systems.

On this note, some of the combination and novel medications are included with other molecules and gastrointestinal hormones; they can be tested and then expected for leading to significant percentages for fewer side effects as well as less weight loss when it is available.

The study makes us understand by the improvement of obesity, effective medications that are developed with fewer side effects by study findings.

Based on the study findings, among the recently approved medications like semaglutide, the gastrointestinal hormone is modified and administered at least once a week. It leads to 15 percent of weight loss when it gets combined with lifestyle changes. Most bariatric surgeries could lead to weight loss by 40 percent but follow a drawback of being invasive by complications.

Mantzoros is the lead researcher and author of this study; he concludes the study that “for the cover treatments comorbidities and some other complications are developed with more cost-effective methods.”

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