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Recent success in the development of effective treatment of critical covid-19 is now including corticosteroid in its use. According to the study occur at Endocrinology annual conference, it is confirmed that steroid dexamethasone effectively reduces the number of Covid-19 deaths. Steroid, Dexamethasone is a reliable therapy for patients with Diabetes also.

Dexamethasone Is A Part Of COVID Treatment

Looking at the rising cases of covid-19, the experts have tried a lot of options to find a better cure, and among such options, Dexamethasone came up as a better and effective option. However, here one needs to note that it is not a sound option for patients with the comorbidity of Diabetes, and hence experts must refrain from using the same in such cases. In many cases, it is seen that the use of antibiotics also triggers blood sugar which can lead to a poor health condition, and in such cases also this must not be an option to go for.

Dexamethasone Is A Part Of COVID Treatment

Even the patients with Diabetes’s responses to Dexamethasone are both beneficial and deleterious. The use of Dexamethasone successfully reduces the Covid-19 deaths. After the first wave of Covid-19 number of death rapidly increased, but during the second wave of Covid-19, Dexamethasone used to treat patients following leads to a decrease in ICU admissions.

In case of the critical situation of the Covid-19 patient, then only the patient will be shifted to the ICU ward. Data reflects how with the use of steroids, such as dexamethasone mortality rate is reduced in hospitalized patients with Covid-19. For patients with Diabetes, the use of Dexamethasone might increase blood sugar levels which can cause a serious impact on patient health.

During these pandemic times, everyone is looking forward to a therapy that can save lives effectively, but its adverse impact is unknown at the current time. This steroid, Dexamethasone, can be a serious health risk for patients. The medical profession needs to study the effect and risks of the treatment so that it can save millions of lives.

Keeping aside blood sugar control risk, Dexamethasone is still a cheap and effective therapy for Covid-19 patients in the presence of continuous monitoring on risk-related complications. We know that patients with critical Covid-19 develop acute respiratory inflammation that can lead to lung injury. During critical situations, the patient needs breathing support and intensive care.

Dexamethasone associated with risk of blood sugar level develops a debate on the topic of whether Dexamethasone is a safe therapy or not. Research needs to come out effective and fast to use in clinical trials quickly, and patients get a benefit.

Higher oxygen support reduces the risk of death in patients. However, the use of Dexamethasone is still unclear whether its use has a greater risk toward severe Covid-19 or another side. It’s an unsafe therapy for diabetic patients.

Dr. Victoria Salem, a lead investigator of Covid-19 treatment, said handling the case is still unclear along the process. They were learning the management all through the recovery trials. In case of severe condition only when the patient requires the ventilator, patients had given Dexamethasone as the last option to reduce the risk of death.

Research is further assessing the benefit of Dexamethasone mainly for patients with diabetics and what are complications can arise like increasing blood sugar level. Comparing data of patients from wave 1 to wave 2 shows a higher routine of Dexamethasone in the wave 2 phase of Covid-19.

The result of this study has come out with the steroid; Dexamethasone efficiently reduces the risk of ICU admissions and saves lives. Only patients with Diabetes need extra medication to maintain blood sugar levels and further diabetic complications.


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