Dr. Fauci Said, The Pandemic May Be Just The Beginning Of This Variant

The new COVID variant, Omicron, which originated in South Africa and Hong Kong, is posing a new challenge in the fight against COVID. Six other countries reported Omicron cases after South Africa and Hong Kong.

Dr. Fauci Said, The Pandemic May Be Just The Beginning Of This Variant

The world leaders are considering this new variant to be a more dangerous variant for people than the delta. The flight services and ban were previously lifted as COVID cases began to decline and vaccinations became more available, but due to the Omicron variant, people have become more conscious of the news of a new travel ban in the United States.

The Pandemic May Be Just The Beginning Of This Variant Said Fauci

It should be noted that those who were advocating that Covid 19 will end soon, might have received new answers after the introduction of the new variant, Omicron to the world.

Early evidence of infection with the variant suggests that it contains a large number of mutations and that there is a greater risk of reinfection. The UN Public Health Organization also stated that it has a large number of concerning mutations. According to the WHO, the symptoms of this variant are unclear, and it will take several weeks and a good amount of data to analyze and determine the exact symptoms and consequences of the variant.

As of now, no cases of the Omicron variant have been reported in the United States, and visitors from South Africa and other African countries are barred from entering the country and even other countries like India, Europe, United Kingdom have also banned travel from African countries. 

The CDC has asked the medical authorities and other global public health organizations to collect more data and statistics about the variant and its symptoms so that people can understand them and act appropriately. The CDC has also advised everyone to take precautions such as wearing masks, sanitizing, and getting fully vaccinated. 

The CDC has travel recommendations for everyone traveling to the United States, and they must follow them to ensure their safety. Reports of the new variant have sparked panic and reintroduced new restrictions around the world. The variant has been heavily mutated and is thought to be more transmissible than the previous ones.

According to Dr. Fauci, no cases of the Omicron have been reported in the United States, but anything is possible and our vaccine manufacturing companies must take a stand now and research about this new variant and optimize the vaccine if needed. 

The Omicron variant will test the immunization power of people and medical experts have urged people to get vaccinated very soon. The FDA and CDC are continuously directing the authorities to increase the booster shots rate and encourage more eligible adults to get their booster shots to increase the immunity power. 

No health official is certain about the Omicron variant, which is a red flag. Following the testing procedure, it will be determined whether or not it is able to evade the antibodies that will be created to combat it.

In South Africa, the Omicron variant is in full swing and rapidly spreading. Within a day, the number of reports in South Africa increased. It is also thought to be more contagious than the Delta strain.

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