MOVE n BURN Reviews – An Effective Dance Fitness Program For Women!

After being enrolled in the MOVE n BURN program for 3 months, I am now writing an authentic MOVE n BURN review. Everyone wants to be slim and beautiful. Nowadays, being energetic has no age limit.

Every person must be fit and healthy, and women have to be toned and lively. But it is fairly normal for mature women to be ignorant about their health because of the difficult and boring exercises.

MOVE n BURN Reviews – Does It Really Work For All Type Of Women?

MOVE n BURN completely changes the fitness game for older women like me. It’s a low-impact program that helps women increase their strength and mobility while getting toned by just dancing for 15 minutes per day. This is a fitness breakthrough!

MOVE n BURN Reviews
Program NameMOVE n BURN
CreatorsKat Johnson, Annie, Fiona, and Rachel
BenefitsBurn fat & increase mobility, energy, and flexibility
Program FormatDigital
Suitable ForWomen over 45
Duration15 minutes
Lifetime access at a one-time fee of $47
BonusStretch & Strengthen
Money-Back Guarantee30 days
AvailabilityOnly through the official website
Official WebsiteClick Here!

What is MOVE n BURN?

MOVE n BURN is the game-changer for older women who want to get fitter and healthier with just 15 minutes of dancing. The MOVE n BURN system promises multiple health benefits along with several other health benefits such as a visible increase in mobility, energy, and flexibility, protecting your important joints from getting injured, misleading your brain into liking exercise, and burns a lot of calories without any exhaustion. You will get all these benefits with a single program. 

Who is the creator of MOVE n BURN?

Four sisters, Kat Johnson, Annie, Fiona, and Rachel, have created MOVE n BURN for their mother to ensure that she has better health. Now, she can play with her grandchildren for long hours without any sign of exhaustion.

The four sisters used their knowledge and experience to create this useful program. 

MOVE n BURN Creators

What is included in MOVE n BURN?

The MOVE n BURN reviews say that the program uses a 4-step method for helping people to build habits for the long term. Divided into four weeks, this new system of workouts is the biggest breakthrough in the fitness industry.


For the starting week, it’s important to repair the mental state through the removal of any blocks. Then people are helped to lay down a new foundation for focusing on themselves. This way, you will be putting your health as a top priority.


It is important to feel energized, and strong rather than tired, exhausted, and stressed. You will be able to bring back your youthful energy with nutritionist-curated meals to keep you full throughout the day.


You don’t have to do boring workouts anymore. By simply dancing for a few minutes, you will be able to get your metabolism to fire up and tone your body while getting stronger. MOVE n BURN is a low-impact, fun program that is so easy to follow that your whole family will want to join you.


In the end, you will be told the secret behind youthful glow, never-ending energy as well as long-term results that will lead you to have more quality time with your loved ones around you.

MOVE n BURN Includes

How does MOVE n BURN work on changing your lifestyle?

MOVE n BURN is basically divided into three phases for optimum results. These phases are perfect for mature women who want to change their lifestyle for the betterment of themselves and their families. Let us get familiar with the phases of this program through the MOVE n BURN reviews.

🔶Phase 1

Dancing doesn’t have to be frightening. Our body has the capacity to do a lot of different kinds of work. We just have to learn how it’s done. Phase 1 is full of the safest yet most effective dance steps that the creators know.

Users will see all that is required for using the full program. And everyone can do it, even if you have never thought of dancing like me.

MOVE n BURN Phase 1

MOVE n BURN Phase 2

🔶Phase 2

This is a low-Impact but a super effective phase. If you feel worried about an injury that won’t stop hurting, are a beginner at the dance, or simply wish to make a slow and steady start, then the Second Phase is perfect for you.

This phase also includes the same fun, full of energy dances,  that are tailor-made for low impact beginners.

🔶Phase 3

For everyone who’s already pro and loves to dance, this is yours. In phase 3 the heat is turned up high,  showcasing the most energetic moves with the most upbeat songs in order to get the best out of your regular workouts.

If the goal is to get fit, burn calories, be extra active, and learn the most, this phase is ideal for your workouts.

MOVE n BURN Phase 3

Benefits of MOVE n BURN

MOVE n BURN promises you a fitter, more toned body with just 15 minutes of daily workout through dancing to energetic songs. This course is specially designed for older women, who otherwise ignore their health and find regular exercise extremely boring.

There are several benefits associated with MOVE n BURN. Some of them are given in this MOVE n BURN review:

☑️Regular physical activities like climbing a flight of stairs or lifting your grandkids will be a cakewalk.

☑️MOVE n BURN will boost your strength, cardiac health, as well as overall fitness. This will let you live a longer, healthier life.

☑️Take fat off all problem areas like your belly, arms, and hips.

☑️MOVE n BURN helps to see visible improvement in your coordination and balance.

☑️Take years off your look with a tightly toned, healthy, and youthful appearance.

Pros and Cons of MOVE n BURN

MOVE n BURN is the most effective way to work out. I was very worried about my knee surgery that was just two years ago, but MOVE n BURN created absolutely no problems. Rather, I feel much better as a fit and healthy individual and everyone compliments me on how young I look.

There are a lot of pros in this regard, I will just list a few. Although it has several positive sides to it, it is important to also highlight the problems of this course. Here given the pros and cons of the program in this MOVE n BURN review.


✔️Makes a difficult task like dancing easy as a breeze.

✔️Motivates older people to enjoy exercise.

✔️Improves flexibility and mobility.

✔️Takes care of internal as well as external health.

✔️Helps to reduce the risk of heart problems and other issues that can often be fatal.

✔️It is the easiest way to get rid of problematic fat from your stomach and hips.


❌The course is for everyone. Special requirements are not possible to be entertained.

❌You must assess yourself and choose the correct phase, else you might overwork or underwork.

Is MOVE n BURN legit or not?

Yes, MOVE n BURN is a legit program. As with every new program, it’s not uncommon for customers to think twice about the legitimacy of such an innovative system. Here, make sure to note that MOVE n BURN is specifically designed by a group of four sisters who are World champion dancers.

Clearly, the legitimacy of MOVE n BURN cannot be doubted, particularly given the number of positive reviews it has managed to gather all over the internet. Customers like me are extremely satisfied with the absolute magic the MOVE n BURN system has been doing to our bodies by bringing a positive change in the way we view exercise and workouts.

Moreover, it also benefits our health in more ways than one. Definitely, MOVE n BURN is absolutely legit.

MOVE n BURN Customer Reviews and Complaints

Customers all across the country have shown their satisfaction with their purchase of the MOVE n BURN fitness ebook and have given several positive reviews all over the internet. Customers have repeatedly recommended this regime to everyone with their MOVE n BURN reviews. With such a proven track record of success, MOVE n BURN is definitely winning over the fitness market soon.

As more and more people engage in fitness at an older age and believe in the power of their bodies, there is no doubt that MOVE n BURN is going to be the next big thing in fitness and health. Customers have been positively influenced in their lifestyle with the help of this program. Naturally, they have supported MOVE n BURN in its successful journey.

The vision of the four sisters, Kat Johnson, Annie, Fiona, and Rachel, creating a good solution for fitness in older women is clearly a hit. Moreover, there is special care taken by them to ensure that the clients have no problem with injuries or joint pain. This gives customers like me a comfortable fitness journey despite never being into a workout before.

MOVE n BURN Customer Reviews

MOVE n BURN Pricing and Where to buy them?

The pricing of the MOVE n BURN program is as follows:

Option 1

🔹With $17/month, you get

🔹Online Access toMOVE n BURN

🔹Monthly Access to the 4-Week Workout Program

🔹Low Impact Dance Workouts

🔹Nutritionist Recipes & Support

Option 2

🔹With a $47 one time fee for lifetime access, you get

🔹Lifetime Online Access to MOVE n BURN

🔹Lifetime Access to the 4-Week Workout Program

🔹Low Impact Dance Workouts

🔹Nutritionist Recipes & Support

🔹One-time fee

Note here that the MOVE n BURN program can only be accessed through the official website. It is not available on any eCommerce platform or Retail store or anywhere else. The link to the official website is:



Trainer Kat Johnson will provide 2 free bonus stretch and strength workouts for stretching your muscles as well as increasing your flexibility for helping to make regular day-to-day tasks very easy even at an older age.

Final Verdict on MOVE n BURN Reviews

We are always involved in our family life, particularly after growing old. This means that women often end up ignoring their own health. With the MOVE n BURN system of workout, with just 15 minutes per day, you can remain fit and healthy. With several benefits attached to it, MOVE n BURN is definitely a sure shot choice for women who want to work out and make their daily tasks easier. It is perfect for everyone who wants to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

Undoubtedly, MOVE n BURN is the pioneer in this field of providing easy exercises in the form of dance. As a bonus, they also offer two free stretch and strength workouts for better healthcare for their customers. As said above in the MOVE n BURN reviews there is no chance of any problems because all the dance moves are selected keeping in mind the age group as well as probable injuries of the customers.

As a matter of fact, this workout is only going to boost your agility while strengthening your body in the long run. Definitely, there is no harm but only benefits in this process designed by MOVE n BURN. 

Frequently Asked Questions

❓Why should we trust the MOVE n BURN program?

MOVE n BURN program is created by champion dancers to guarantee weight loss and toning for older women. It has several positive reviews from people who have recommended it all over the internet. 

❓Is the MOVE n BURN program legit and safe enough?

The MOVE n BURN program is ideal for anyone looking to boost their fitness quotient later in their life. It is a positive change to lifestyle and is absolutely legit

❓Is the MOVE n BURN program available in retail stores?

No, the MOVE n BURN program is sold exclusively on the official website. It is not sold on any eCommerce platform or retail store. Keto Total BHB is sold only on 

❓What are the benefits of the MOVE n BURN program?

MOVE n BURN program has several benefits like improved physical health, better physiological conditions, increased mobility and flexibility, reduced fat, and youthful appearance.

❓What is the price of the MOVE n BURN program?

MOVE n BURN program has 2 different prices.
$17 for one month access
$42 for lifetime access


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