Vaccination Is Optimized As New Covid-19 Variants Are Dangerous

After January 2021, the US has seen a rapid increase in Covid-19 cases and hospitalization around the country. Almost 12000 above Covid cases were registered, and by the end of July, the cases were extended up to over 60000. 

Vaccination Is Optimized As New Covid-19 Variants Are Dangerous

As per some scientists, they experienced the beginning of the new Covid variant – delta. This Covid variant has more power of spreading than other variants. By November 26, the cases spiked up to 93000 per day which might go up to 150,000 during the winters and Christmas Holidays. 

Vaccination Is Optimized As New Covid Variants Are Dangerous

On 24th November 2021, the world reacted with an alarm of the new Covid-19 variant. This fast-spreading Covid-19 variant was first detected in South Africa and Scientists from WHO named it “Omicron” and the Medical experts from WHO classified it as the “Variant of concern”. 

Also, the first case of the B.1.1.529 was detected on the 9th of November in South Africa. After the outbreak of this variant, the World has already restricted travel from the African countries where the spread is major. The USA has released the list of 8 African countries where the initial travel ban has been done. 

The medical expert panel from the World health organization held a meeting on Friday to discuss the latest Covid 19 variant. WHO has recognized this variant as the concern as it falls in the top category of Covid-19 variants. Now, scientists are looking forward to determining how effective vaccination is to this new variant. Whether there are chances of re-infection again in fully vaccinated individuals or not. 

The experts are under the dilemma about how easily this variant can spread and what will be the severity level and it requires a good amount of data to actually analyze the danger level. 

Now it’s believed that Omicron, the most mutated variant, is more contagious and infectious than the delta covid 19 variant. As per some reports, vaccination might become less effective and the federal government has asked the medical authorities to increase the booster hots vaccination rate to curb this variant. 

In South Africa, approximately 100 cases of this new variant have been found in the past weeks. The officials announced it last Wednesday and another 100 samples have been taken. 

The White House Administration officials have made strict travel restrictions from South Africa’s Botswana, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Lesotho, Eswatini, and Malawi. President Joe Biden said that this policy will have its effect from Monday and it will be strictly followed. The White House has formulated the new rules for travel to and from the US. 

Until now there are no Omicron Covid cases found in the US and there will be no entry from the South African countries. It has been said that banning these countries from the travel list won’t restrict the entry of the omicron variant in the USA.

The vaccine manufacturing companies have started the research and they have got some time to find something effective to save the lives of millions. 

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