The First Case Of Omicron Variant Detected In The State Of California

Omicron has created huge havoc around the world since it was detected in South Africa on 24 November. The US has already been suffering because of the spread of the Delta variant and the rising cases each day and the most recent numbers are above 93,000. 

Before the entry of this latest variant in The US, it has already traveled to almost 20 countries including 8 African countries. Now, the State of California has witnessed the first cases of Omicron in the US and It gave the researchers a signal of the alarming situation and to push them for further research.

The First Case Of Omicron Variant Detected In The State Of California

The fresh case has created a lot of pressure on the Government’s plan. It has been reported that the infected person traveled from South Africa and he was fully vaccinated with the Moderna vaccine. Also, some California medical official has stated that the patient is not eligible for the booster shot.

The First Case Of Omicron Variant Detected In The State Of California

Anthony Fauci, the leading infectious disease expert said on the rising cases that “The spike in the infected patients can be due to the festive season and the temperature fall as winters have arrived. Although the spread in the fully vaccinated people is very less and 90 percent of the hospitalization and death cases are amongst the unvaccinated people. 

The daily Covid-19 cases toll has been rising since the past few weeks in the US and it is also expected to rise further due to an increase in the cold weather and upcoming Christmas Holidays. The US CDC and FDA are continuously promoting Unvaccinated American citizens to get vaccinated. The US administration also issued vaccination mandates for the health care workers, Federal employees, and private organizations with 100 employees, stating that it is the only way that can help everyone combat the Covid-19 Omicron strain. 

This analysis indicated that the vaccine is the only way to fight this deadly virus and get out of it safely. The Food and Drug Administration has already approved the use of Merck’s Antiviral pill for the treatment as during the trial phase the antiviral showed promising results, reducing the hospitalization and death rate amongst the covid 19 patients by 50 percent. 

The US has already been facing a huge number of cases daily, besides, some states like New York are facing a shortage of beds and medical supplies. Although the NY Governor has directed all the medical officials and agencies to develop a plan and reduce the shortage of general beds and ICU beds. 

Besides, the FDA and the Biden Administration have given a green signal to booster shots for every one of 18 years and above. Booster shots can strengthen immunity and help fight back the new omicron variant. 

The World Health Organization has stated that we need to ensure that people get vaccinated and to control the spread of the Omicron variant, tough steps needed to be taken by the World Leaders.

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