The US Will Extend The Mask Mandate Rule For All Air Travelers

The mask mandate was already a rule in some states and schools in the USA and it faced a huge backlash from the authorities and parents. Now again The White House administration has made wearing masks mandatory. 

Mask mandates have become a subject of dispute for airline passengers.  As per the reports on Wednesday, The Biden Administration the requirement to wear masks on airplanes, railways, and taxis, including at airport terminals and public transportation, would be stretched until mid-March. 

The US Will Extend The Mask Mandate Rule For All Air Travelers

The revelation comes on the day that the United States officially recognized the very first incident of the latest omicron version in the nation. According to findings, an official statement is anticipated on Thursday, which would also be when President Joe Biden is supposed to announce stringent COVID-19 screening guidelines for travelers coming into the country.

The US Will Extend The Mask Mandate Rule For All Air Travelers

The infected person has been sent to the isolation center and he was fully vaccinated and only had mild symptoms.  The California authorities have released a statement that the infected person was not eligible to receive the booster shots. 

The Biden Administration again urged all the adults to receive their booster shots and the non-vaccinated citizens to get vaccinated as soon as possible as these people are under the radar of the Omicron covid 19 variant. 

During the last week of November, President Joe Biden banned travelers from South Africa and its seven neighboring countries from entering the borders of the US. 

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released a statement Stating that the travel ban was necessary. We are working on plans to further tighten the testing process of people traveling. The CDC also made it a mandate for every air traveler to the United States to be checked for COVID-19 within a day of boarding their plane. Others who have been fully immunized may now offer a test result within three days of getting on the plane.

Also, all the international passengers are required to show proof of negative results within 24 hours of departure. The CDC has also asked all the airlines to share the data of all the travelers who came from South Africa in the past weeks. The prohibition does not pertain to U.s permanent residents who have visited those nations, but they must produce evidence of a negative COVID-19 assessment.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, the leading infectious disease specialist in the United States, told reporters on Wednesday that our scientists and medical experts are researching on the Omicron variant and it will further take two to three weeks to determine major results like the severity of Omicron,  effectiveness of vaccine on this variant and other health effects will also be learned during the process. 

Much is unidentified about the newly discovered omicron version, which had been discovered in South Africa. It’s unclear whether it’s more transmissible than the previous variant, and it makes a person sick, lazy. People now have to be more careful and protected against this new Coronavirus variant. 

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