Vaccine Boosters To Be Considered As The Best Solution Of New Variant

Doctors and medical experts suggest that vaccine boosters can ensure maximum protection.

The pandemic does not seem to end. Every day there is some new update with regards to the COVID variant, vaccine mandates, or surge in the number of cases. Earlier, the Delta variant of Covid has led to an emergency-like situation across the US. There was a huge spike in COVID infection cases leading to a shortage of hospital beds as well as the medical staff. 

Vaccine Boosters To Be Considered As The Best Solution Of New Variant

With the new covid 19 variant Omicron gaining the limelight across the world, medical experts and doctors are not sure about the effectiveness of the booster vaccine on this Covid variant.

Vaccine Boosters To Be Considered As The Best Solution Of New Variant

Healthcare professionals and researchers are still studying the variant and analyzing its effects on the body. However, there is still a dire need to extend the protection and safeguard oneself from Covid. Maximum protection should be the topmost priority. 

The US surgeon Dr. Vivek Murthy stated on Tuesday stating that irrespective of the new Covid variant, protection should be of prime concern and it will only come if unvaccinated will get the vaccination and eligible adults will receive their booster shots.

Pfizer has also asked the FDA to authorize the use of booster shots for 16-17 years old children in the United States. The FDA also approved Merck’s antiviral pills for the treatment of Covid 19. 

President Biden has urged all US citizens to come forward and take vaccination doses. He also emphasized the fact that nearly 60  million US citizens are unvaccinated and it possesses a very serious threat to the vaccinated people. This unvaccinated community is more vulnerable to Covid infection and especially the Omicron variant as it carries more mutations than the delta variant. 

Several orders and policies are being introduced on a regular basis to take charge of the Covid situation. However, the opposition to the policies, blocking of vaccine mandates is making it difficult to minimize the Covid infections in the country. 

According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention around 23% of the US population have taken their booster shots. The booster shots provide optimum protection from the Covid. With the new variant emerging and spreading globally, US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is requesting all the citizens above the age of 18 to take their booster shot. 

As per the latest news and reports, it may take a while for scientists and researchers to know the characteristics of the new variant. Till now, the scientist has made a basic understanding of the new variant stating that Omicron is an extended version of the highly transmissible Delta variant. The effect, the infection rate of the new variant are still unknown. 

The companies and scientists are conducting several trials and tests to check the efficacy of the booster vaccine on the Omicron variant of Covid. Dr. Fauci, Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases says that till now the booster vaccine has shown positive results on the Omicron variant. 

Since last summer, the number of Covid cases in the US hasn’t shown any significant improvement. On average the US is witnessing more than 93,000 new Covid cases. The effectiveness of the Covid booster on the Delta variant is a positive sign. As per a study published on Pfizer booster vaccine, it is found that the booster of Pfizer can lower the risk of Covid infection to about 80%. 

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