Delta Variant Still A Threat To US – Covid Updates!

2 weeks ago a new covid variant – Omicron was detected and till now it has spread to more than 20 countries all over. On Wednesday US reported its first-ever case of the Omicron variant in California. Researchers and scientists are still trying to identify how dangerous this new variant is and if the current vaccines will be enough or not.

Delta Variant Still A Threat To US – Covid Updates!

On the other hand, when all the attention is being given to Omicron, the US is still getting a lot of hospitalization and death rate due to the Delta variant. Hospitals in New England and Midwest are at their peak and are matching up to the numbers recorded in April and May. Nirav Shah from CDC (Centers of Disease Control and Prevention) stated that the Delta variant needs to be controlled soon, so that if Omicron starts spreading there are enough hospital beds and health officials available to treat it. 

Delta Variant Still A Threat To US

On Thursday the US saw 5 more cases of Omicron in New York, Hawaii, and Colorado. Health officials state that people who tested positive were all fully vaccinated and thus did not show any major complications as well. However, they had already completed 6 months after their 2nd vaccination due to which the efficacy of the vaccines lowered. This could be one of the reasons why the Omicron variant is presented in them. As of now, no major issues have been detected in people who were infected with the Omicron variant. The US has put up extra restrictions on the people who are traveling from outside countries and the RT-PCR test has been made mandatory as well. 

In many of the states, the hospitals are seeing more cases, especially in the smaller states. The hospitals have asked the federal government to send in some help as they are not able to attend to all the patients. As of now, almost 786,000 people have been killed in the US alone. The hospitalization rate in the US is currently somewhere between 65,000 to 75,000 per day with more than 900 deaths per day due to the Delta variant.

Health officials stated that the numbers have dropped significantly since the all-time high but even this is too high as no other country is reporting these high numbers. Even India which has population 4 times that of the US has less than 10,000 cases per day while the death rate is less than 100 per day. India saw the worst outbreak with the delta variant but was quickly contained however the US reported that most of the hospitalization cases are due to unvaccinated people.

Many of the vaccinated people are also testing positive now and are advised to take the booster shots as quickly as possible so as to avoid any major issues. CDC has asked people to keep the masks on whenever they are outside their homes so as to protect themselves.

New Hampshire had once been the state for the most number of vaccination but today is ranking 2nd with most hospitalization and death cases in the country while Michigan ranks at the first spot for the same.

Minnesota had received help from Pentagon last week when both the state hospitals were overbooked and no more beds were available. The governor of Minnesota stated that they are grateful for the help received as many of the doctors have not taken a leave in the last 2 weeks and now the strain is getting to them.

Biden administration has promised to send more personals to all the states that need the help along with vaccination and testing kits so as to help the people much faster.

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