BlockChain Ecommerce Trending Companies 2021

The number of technological developments that this era has been privy too, can by no means be underscored. Even these developments undergo vast amounts of fine-tuning on a daily basis, all so that we the users can experience high levels of convenience. One of the best results of such a tumultuous rate of technological invention has been blockchain.

It is essentially a framework, which rests on a wide network of blocks, that are used to make transactions a lot more efficient, transparent and decentralized. Blockchain is commonly seen among cryptocurrency platforms and NFT marketplaces, however, today’s eCommerce companies are also integrating it into their digital store and creating a whole new revolution in the world of eCommerce.

Trending Blockchain Ecommerce Companies In 2021

So, here are some of the top trending blockchain companies that have made a splash during the year 2021. 


Coinbase has become quite a household name among cryptocurrency traders. It provides investors with a platform to buy and sell any type of currency that they want. It allows its users to access a wide variety of cryptocurrencies that are currently in the market, and with its sound technology as well as user-friendly interface, it makes the whole process a seamless one. Since the time it has been launched, over $150 million worth of exchanges have taken place, through its user base of around 20 million.


Altoros is a blockchain-based company, that has been in the market for quite a while. Its services are essentially directed towards other businesses, who wish to make use of blockchain technology to take their digital store to the next level. They offer supreme consultation services and ensure that their service extends from the development of the product right to the deployment of it. 


Primechain has recently entered the blockchain market and has already begun to establish a superior name to its firm. It essentially provides its users and clients with blockchain development services of high-octane nature. They provide multi-faceted solutions to their clients, and as a result, have made an entrance into various sectors such as defense, banking, aviation, et cetera. 


OriginStamp is a trending blockchain company that allows you to find a one-stop destination for all of your important documents. Be it in a physical space or the digital world, keeping track of your documents can be quite a hassle. However, with the help of blockchain technology, OriginStamp lets you timestamp your documents by uploading them onto its platform, and thereby integrate them into other cloud-based services such as google drive, to keep your documents safe and secure. 


If you are familiar with the world of cryptocurrency, then you must be aware that the entire industry is still quite fragmented in terms of bitcoin’s technology and the Ethereum blockchain. Bankera provides users with a unique opportunity to integrate the two worlds and trade on both platforms in a unified manner, which has led to much traction in the popularity of this blockchain company. 


The world of blockchain facilitates a plethora of various other industrial operations, and the companies that are brave enough to venture into such complicated waters, have been doing so pretty effortlessly. The above-mentioned ones have emerged as the leaders among such a vast ocean of companies, leveraging blockchain technology originally developed for cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Here it is understood what is Bitcoin: a decentralized digital currency that operates on the distributed ledger of the blockchain, allowing peer-to-peer transactions without centralized intermediaries. And the blockchain is the underlying technology that provides the secure, transparent infrastructure for cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

By embracing the blockchain early on, these companies have positioned themselves at the forefront of this emerging industry. Keeping a close eye on their profits can bring fruitful returns on investment.

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