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Hello there, have you ever heard about the IntuiTru IQ? Or does your brain freeze in critical situations? Don’t worry. It’s not a test. I am here to tell you about this brain-enhancing pill by breaking it down for you in this detailed IntuiTru IQ review.

Also known as Nootropic pills, this pill has caught the public eye since it came into the market. IntuiTru IQ is believed to supply energy to the cerebrum, and thus, empower you to prevail in pressurizing situations. So, if you are looking to expand your cerebrum capacity, you need to know as much as you can about the product.

IntuiTru IQ Reviews – Are The Ingredients Safe To Use?

Although, IntuiTru IQ seems to be a legit product because the client response has been very positive. But it isn’t better to know the product better than getting influenced by first impressions.

I’ll be analyzing all the aspects and giving you my final verdict with that in mind. So let’s dig it out without wasting any time.

IntuiTru IQ Reviews 
Supplement NameIntuiTru IQ
BenefitsHelps To Enhance Cognitive Function (Memory, Comprehension, Intelligence)
CategoryBrain Health
IngredientsAlpha-GPC, L-Theanine, GABA, Omega-3-Fatty-Acids
Item FormCapsules
Dosage2 Capsules Daily
Results2-3 Months
Side EffectsNone
Net Quantity60 Capsules
Age Range18 Above
Price$4.95 (30 Day Supply)
AvailabilityOfficial Website (Only)
Official WebsiteClick Here

What Is IntuiTru IQ?

IntuiTru IQ is a revolutionary supplement for the human brain that is formulated to give you maximum brain power. The scientific name of this pill is “NOOTROPIC” or “GENIUS PILL.” 

IntuiTru IQ dietary supplement is also responsible for improving mental functions like memory, comprehension, intelligence, attention, concentration, and many more. It makes you limitless and helps in achieving success. IntuiTru IQ supplement will also keep you sharp and focused in challenging scenarios, and the positive IntuiTru IQ reviews available online prove that.

IntuiTru IQ Ingredients 

To learn about a product, we need a good understanding of the ingredients used to make it. To further develop the cerebrum wellbeing, IntuiTru IQ uses the following ingredients:


A compound that is typically fabricated in the human body, but experts can also produce it in the research center. Alpha-GPC is well-known for its power to boost memory and develop the ability to think. 


An amino corrosive found in tea and a few types of mushrooms. It is suitable for working on stress, mental capacities, managing tension, and other psychological issues.


Also known as Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid, it is another ingredient present in IntuiTru IQ that fills in the cerebrum as a synapse and works on the fixation by producing a quieting effect.

IntuiTru IQ Ingredients 

What Does IntuiTru IQ Do In The Brain?

Are you confused with the technicalities? That’s what I am here for. Let me show you the science behind IntuiTru IQ.

IntuiTru IQ formula will help you to stay adjusted and focused while running errands so that you can finish things nice and easy. The pill is made with all-regular ingredients that will further aid you in developing your cerebrum wellbeing. It is made with the provision to provide adequate energy to your mind, making it possible for your cerebrum to perform irregular activities.

Besides, it also assists with getting up well ahead of your schedule and keeps you ever-ready up for your exercises by keeping you alert and dynamic. It aids you with staying focused and allows you to think better and think more. Surprisingly, it keeps jittering away from you.

Isn’t it great that your cerebrum is empowered enough to overthrow pressure and mess and maintain the consciousness of your mind? 

IntuiTru IQ Working

Benefits Of IntuiTru IQ

Here comes the exciting part! IntuiTru IQ helps you in thinking more plainly and stimulates your intellectual accuracy. It also works on your mental ability and assists you to be conscious without smashing. Let’s list some advantages of IntuiTru IQ:

  • Attention and Focus IntuiTru IQ enhances the awareness of the brain to ensure that you have a razor-sharp focus anywhere and anytime to conquer obstacles.
  • It also unlocks your Long-Term Memory, which can be a crucial factor in the victory. This pill keeps your long-term memory function healthy and sound.
  • Working Memory can be very crucial to master the tasks faster. IntuiTru IQ makes you capable enough to get your job done perfectly. 
  • Information Processing is the brain’s speed of acting, which will sometimes be the only factor between success and failure. IntuiTru IQ provides you with the ability to think at lightning speed.
IntuiTru IQ Benefits

Side Effects Of IntuiTru IQ

This part of the review is what I like the most. It helps me know what’s wrong with the product I am going to review. According to many IntuiTru IQ reviews there are no big negative side-effects from the usage of this product.

It contains 100% natural ingredients and is clinically-proven to enhance your brain functions and memory.

Side Effects

The pill is for adults only and children below 18 years should not consume it.  

Dosage And How To Use IntuiTru IQ?

IntuiTru IQ capsules are water-soluble. Right after the consumption, it can enter your brain quickly and protect the neurons, eventually improving the transmission of signals and helping the brain function and learning processes. I Know. You must be thinking, where is the dosage guideline?

So, to get the best results out of the supplement, you need to take 2 IntuiTru IQ capsules, preferably any time of the day regularly. As they are easy to swallow, all you need to do is take them along with a glass of water.

However, the seller has mentioned that the pill is only for adults. You should keep it away from children under 18 years. 

IntuiTru IQ Results And Longevity

There is a well-said quote that slow and steady wins the race. Is that right? Yes, it is. Good things often take time, and don’t they?

Talking about the results of IntuiTru IQ, it might take around two to three months to show its usefulness. But once it kicks in, it will stay longer than you expect it.

One more thing, to make sure that it provides you with benefits, IntuiTru IQ should be followed by proper diet and exercise.

Customer Reviews And Complaints About IntuiTru IQ

As I was going through the website, I was able to see some of the reviews posted by a few clients who used the pill. They seemed very happy and satisfied with the product, and they also mentioned how it helped them with their brain-related issues and how IntuiTru IQ overcame them.

A person in his mid-age also shared his experience of using this pill. He further wrote about how IntuiTru IQ helped him compete with younger people in his workplace.

IntuiTru IQ Customer Reviews

IntuiTru IQ Pricing And Availability 

For those who don’t know where to purchase it, let me clarify that. IntuiTru IQ is available only on its official website. 

One bottle of the supplement is available for $4.95 that has a 30-day supply. Once you place the order, it is shipped within 24 hours. 

If you need to return the supplement bottle, you need to contact their customer support. They offer a full refund within 30 days of the delivery. To be eligible for the refund, you need to return an unopened bottle of the supplement. 

The supplement is only available on the official website. So, try to stay away from fake sellers as there can be many.

Final Verdict – IntuiTru IQ Reviews  

IntuiTru IQ looks like a legit product solely made to uplift the working of the brain. As I went through many IntuiTru IQ reviews, I found out that many people have benefitted from this brain pill.

It helps fight brain fog and boosts your concentration and focus. People who were facing troubles because they kept forgetting things benefited from this pill. It has helped people prepare for exams by memorizing things better and increasing memory retention. 

It has even helped people move ahead in their careers. So, to sum up, all these reviews, I can say it is a good supplement and safe for us. You can give it a try. 

Frequently Asked Question

Is it safe to use IntuiTru IQ? 

This pill hasn’t got any significant complaints about facing any massive aftereffects when using it. There aren’t any bad things to talk about it yet. The product is also scientifically proven.

What does IntuiTru IQ do?

IntuiTru IQ is proven to help build your natural ability and boost memory. By assisting in the cognition process, it helps you in doing tasks much better than ever.

What is the price of IntuiTru IQ?

One bottle of the supplement is available for $4.95 that has a 30-day supply

Is IntuiTru IQ available on Amazon?

It is not. The only way to buy it is to visit the official website.

Is IntuiTru IQ good to enhance mental ability?

Many users have stated that it has helped them boost the brain’s ability to perform in challenging situations. The pill works to improve memory and eliminate brain fog, helping you think clearer, faster, and better. It enhances focus and attention. So, if you are having trouble memorizing or understanding things, this pill is recommended by the users. 


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