Top newsAntidepressants And Their Usage Should Be Decreased

Antidepressants And Their Usage Should Be Decreased


If a person starts taking Antidepressants, there is no way that he is going back. If a person becomes habitual to all the antidepressant drugs, he won’t spend a single day without them. 

Antidepressants And Their Usage Should Be Decreased

According to new research on the same topic, it was revealed that taking antidepressants for a more extended period might be harmful to the mental wellbeing of the person. The study stated that doctors should give antidepressants to their patients only for a shorter period. This was suggested because we are yet not very sure about the symptoms, effects, durability of the withdrawal symptoms. 

Antidepressants And Their Usage Should Be Decreased

Zoloft was one of the most used drugs in the US in 2017, with 17% of people using it. The main issue with these drugs, which are explicitly made for depression, is that the side effects are not yet adequately known. These drugs work differently for different people. The authors, scientists have not been able to identify any clinical difference between placebo and these drugs. 

These antidepressant drugs play a crucial role in people who suffer from depression at a high range, but the same drug might be a massive problem for people suffering from mild depression. 

There ate two aspects to depression. First, the word depression is wrongly used, and people find it easy to name everything as depression. Second, most people from old generations do not believe in depression. We live in the 21st century, and surviving here is not easy. People go through so much stress related to studies, jobs, families, etc. Coping up with issues such as stress, anxiety is essential as they might turn into depression. 

We got most of the information about the effectiveness of these drugs is checked through placebo-controlled trials, which lasted around 6 to 12 weeks. However, according to the authors, all these will not hold any importance or threshold on this basis of clinical tests. 

It was observed that in the year between 2005 to 2017, antidepressants were also prescribed to young people from the age of 12 to 17 years. 

There have been various studies made and done on the same topic. The major issue which all the previous studies related to the topic face is that most of such studies do not include any data or information related to the social, quality life of the people who are suffering. 

Each and everything drug has some or other side effects, and the same applies in this case as well. Regarding SSRI patients, 1 out of every five patients suffers from daytime dizziness, dried mouth, and even weight gain. Not just this, 1 out of 4 people faces issues with sexuality.

It was also observed that 1 out of 10 people faces restlessness, muscle spasms or twitching, constipation, nausea, dizziness, or diarrhea. Now, people who have been taking these drugs for a more extended period, like three years, will have long-term effects attached to it. Those people might feel emotional numbness and brain fog.

We also have many patients who try to come out of their regular treatment of depression. But even for that, people feel so much trouble and withdrawal symptoms. These withdrawal symptoms include insomnia, anxiety, agitation, depression, and appetite changes. 

Authors say that a steady dose of tapering would be of great help to the people who want to stop their treatment. But, the authors are not sure that there will be any changes in the sexual differences caused by the drugs. They also suggest that people who have been actively using an antidepressant for a longer term might need additional help to stop the treatment.

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Sienna Haris
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