Unvaccinated People At High Risk Of Death When Infected With Omicron

Unvaccinated People At High Risk Of Death When Infected With Omicron
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On 24th November 2021 when the world was already suffering from the Delta version of the covid 19, The World Health Health Organization revealed the birth of the new variant of the covid 19 variant “Omicron” and simultaneously termed the new strain as the “variants of concern”.

Unvaccinated People At High Risk Of Death When Infected With Omicron

The label is given by the WHO has been exactly justified by the newly detected variant of the coronavirus. The omicron is very highly transmissible because it carries around 50 mutations and 32 spikes of the protein. The extreme contagious level of the omicron strain has become a headache for the medical agencies and government officials in the United States. 

Unvaccinated People At High Risk Of Death When Infected With Omicron

The Omicron subtype of covid 19 is targeting almost every age group but specifically targets kids, teens, and elderly people. The individuals with low immune power are the major victims of the new version of coronavirus in the country.

The medical experts in the nation are urging everyone who is unvaccinated to receive the vaccination at the earliest as they are on the top list of the new variant.

According to the officials from the World Health Organization, the unvaccinated people are at greater risk than those who have received the vaccination as well as the booster shots. 

There is the highest level of danger to the lives of the unvaccinated population in the United States, warned by Dr. Anthony Fauci. He has been continuously suggesting the citizens and the state authorities focus on enhancing the vaccination rate in their respective states and counsel people who are not ready to get vaccinated,

Tre vaccination is the only method to safeguard the lives of the people in the United States as it increases the chances of getting hospitalization and further diminishes the chances of death. 

Those who are not ready to get vaccinated must think again and again as there are no risks and again no particular reason for not receiving the jabs. Also, if there will be a delay in the initial doses of the vaccines, there will be a delay in receiving the booster shots and already the US CDC has reduced the time gap between the initial doses and booster shots to 5 months against the earlier 6 months. 

Also, the adults who are above 60 possess the major risk even after receiving the vaccination and will further face the risk of death if not vaccinated. 

In the United States, the cases are doubling every week and the average rate of daily cases stood at 700,000 and alone on Monday, the detected cases were 1.38 million which is an all-time high since the start of the pandemic in the United States.

Although the mortality rate is not high in the case of the omicron variant, the WHO has found that in the elder’s the death rate is increasing when infected by the omicron version. The delta variant is no doubt lethal but for the unvaccinated, it is the same.


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