Synaptic Resonance Reviews
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Hi everyone, are you searching for genuine Synaptic Resonance reviews, this might be helpful for you!

Today we are here to review the product Synaptic Resonance and get a clear idea about what exactly it is. The program takes us through a journey of several soundtracks and mind reprogramming techniques which are based on the theory of how sound frequencies can positively impact the brain.

Synaptic Resonance Reviews: Does This Audio Program Help To Attain More Confidence?

This program helps the users to attain more confidence and be courageous enough to face their problems head-on as well. Other than that it helps the users feel happier and more stress-free as well. It contains 6 soundtracks and other several techniques and bonuses that help in overall mental betterment. So let’s move ahead with the Synaptic Resonance review to know more about its benefits and other features.

Synaptic Resonance Reviews
Product NameSynaptic Resonance
CreatorJacob Brown
Used forSelf-development
AimHelps the users to attain more confidence
Program FormatAudio track
  • Brain Neutralizer
  • Joan of Arc Armor Method
  • Features and Benefits
  • Increase in your confidence and self-esteem
  • The program is digital and instantly downloadable
  • Price$47
    Money back60 days
    AvailabilityOnly through official websites
    Official WebsitesClick here

    What is Synaptic Resonance?

    Synaptic Resonance is a collection of 6 soundtracks and various mind reprogramming techniques and also consists of several other bonuses which ultimately have the common goal of leading the user down the path of mental betterment. The theory on which the whole product is based is scientifically backed as well. 

    Sound frequencies can do wonders when they interfere in the correct manner with our brain signals and that is what the basis of this product is. In a recent study, the discovery regarding the fear signals in the brain was done and that also paved the way for the introduction of ‘Synaptic Resonance’ in the market. The brain and the Nervous System contact through neuron signals and the fact that interfering with certain pathways in the brain will lead to different results in emotions and feelings altogether.

    Who is the creator of Synaptic Resonance

    ‘Synaptic Resonance’ was found by a very normal guy like you and me, named “Jacob Brown”. The fun fact is that he did not intend to create a product and sell it at all. Jacob was just going through a very tough spot in life, he had lost his job at the age of 24 and he had a huge debt of $7000 on his credit card.

    All this turmoil led him to make a promise to himself that he will never ever let himself be in this position ever again. After he woke up the next morning, he felt significantly more confident and better. It was at this time that he realized that it was his own pessimistic mindset and his fear of rejection and failure was exactly what was pulling him down.

    He knew he had to take control of his actions and so he set out to amass knowledge on how the brain works and how he can take control of his own thoughts. The more he read, the more he realized the immense impact of sound frequencies on the human brain. Soon he felt much better following whatever he gathered from his studying.

    Looking at his results, he decided to share everything he had amassed with all the people who are going through a similar situation that he was going through. And ‘Synaptic Resonance’ is the product that contains all he had to share about controlling your own thoughts and taking control of your life in the process.

    What is included in Synaptic Resonance?

    ‘Synaptic Resonance’ is a collection of 6 soundtracks and other thought reprogramming strategies. All these are aimed at making you feel better about yourself and unlock your full potential by letting go of any limiting thoughts and fears. 

    All of these methods target different problems someone can face from a mental perspective. As the Brain Neutralizer soundtrack assists in letting go of any negative thoughts and thus helps you to stay calmer. There is also the Joan of Arc Armor Method which comes extremely in handy for shy and introverted people since it gives you the confidence to speak up and present your point of view at work and at other places.

    Thus, as you see, the product is not useful for just any one type of person. Instead, it is useful for everyone. As long as you feel like you are going through a tough spot in life and need some mental alleviation, this might be the thing you need.

    How does Synaptic Resonance work?

    Some of the most talented sound engineers’ works can be found in Synaptic Resonance. In the words of Jacob, the audio tracks program your thought process in a way so that there is a massive increase in your confidence and self-esteem, and in the long run, you are able to take control of your actions without panicking.

    The theory on which Synaptic Resonance is based, states the effect of sound frequencies on the brain. This is actually not an old theory, music (which is also sound) has been believed to impact the mood and thought process of a person from times unknown. In recent times, there have also been multiple studies showing how much music changes brain signals, mood, and thoughts. One quick google search can instantly give you multiple examples of such studies. 

    Other than that, in a recent experiment, introducing sound waves (of a particular frequency) to a running source of falling water (like water falling through a pipe and out of it) resulted in the water falling down much slower in a spiral motion. The brain and heart are 73% water, so of course, sound frequencies must be able to influence the brain too. This line of thought led to the methods under this product.

    Synaptic Resonance Working


    Every product has its benefits and so does Synaptic Resonance by Jacob. We can list them as follows:

    • It is a one-of-a-kind product and the knowledge that has been gathered in it might not be available in any other product in the market.
    • The working principle of the product is backed up by scientific reasoning.
    • The product is directly downloadable by a one-time payment.
    • The audio tracks are portable within your device and can be listened to on any device like your smartphone, PC, etc.
    Synaptic Response Benefits

    Pros And Cons Of Synaptic Resonance

    Based on the Synaptic Resonance reviews the program creator Jacob is on a mission to free the people from the shackles of insecurities, low confidence, shyness, limiting thoughts, and so on. In the long run, all of these lead to problems in the fields of work and education. But unlike other products, this one also has its pros and cons. They can be listed as:


    • The product saves a lot of time and effort for the users by providing them with knowledge that would take a long time to gather from different sources.
    • The audio tracks present in Synaptic Resonance are completely original and cannot be found anywhere else.
    • Compared to many other books, memberships, and products, the pricing of Synaptic Response is much more reasonable.
    • The whole product is digital and instantly downloadable. There is no waiting for delivery or any extra effort needed for portability (unlike books).
    • The need for this product is not confined to any strata of people. Everyone can gain something from this product in one way or another.


    • The fact that the product is completely digital, makes it inaccessible for people without a decent digital device.
    • Unless you can multitask while listening to the soundtracks, they might take up a few minutes of your day.

    Is Synaptic Resonance legit or not?

    Whenever buying a product, it is a very common thing for the consumers to worry about the legitimacy of the product and want to know how reliable the product is. It is totally expected since the buyers are investing their money in it and they don’t want it to be a useless investment. Everyone wants returns from their investments.

    Yes, Synaptic Resonance is completely legit. We are not just throwing words around, there is multiple evidence that points towards the legitimacy of the product as well.

    First and foremost, the heart and brain are made up of 73% water and it has been already proved in certain experiments how sound frequencies can impact the flow of water, so it makes complete sense that these sound frequencies will be able to impact the brain as well. You can get the proof of these experiments by searching google.

    Other than that, there are several brain scan images that show how stimulated the brain became with happy thoughts when it was introduced to music on the internet as well.

    Several respected people like Plato and Mr. Harry Reid (former US Govt. Senator) also further spoke in the favor of music therapy and sound can be used as a form of therapy as well. Thus fortifying the legitimacy of the theory and the product as a whole.

    Synaptic Resonance customer reviews and complaints

    As per the Synaptic Resonance customer reviews, many users expressed their heartfelt gratitude and positive experiences for this product. Many said that it helped them to speak up in situations in which they would normally stay silent. This upfront approach helped them to excel in their respective fields.

    Some others stated how the product helped them in day-to-day life by helping them in building up their character in general. Generally, shy and introverted people experienced changes in their behavior which helped them to socialize and build contacts with more people.

    People who were having a hard time in life and were undergoing depression said how much the soundtracks helped them in feeling more relieved. Others said how much it helped with their anxiety. 

    So overall, it has been a pretty positive reaction to this product so far.

    Synaptic Resonance pricing and availability

    The collection of 6 soundtracks and a mind reprogramming guide comes for only $47 on the official website whereas the retail price adds up to a whopping $219. Thus, you get to save over 78% on the official website.

    Please keep in mind that the product is only available on the official website. You just have to go to their official website and click on “Add To Cart” at the bottom of the page to get your own program. Due to high market demand, you might find other products using the same name in retail stores and eCommerce stores but they are not the real product. So, make sure to check the authenticity of the product before buying it.

    Final Verdict on Synaptic Resonance Reviews

    After browsing through all the Synaptic Resonance Reviews all over the internet, we can safely say that it is a worthwhile investment. The kind of satisfaction it provides is not easy to get from any other source.

    We totally understand that consumers want to make sure what they are buying and why they should buy it and that is the reason why we are doing this Synaptic Resonance review.

    Even if the users are not satisfied with the results they are getting, the product does have a 60-day 100% money-back guarantee. So, it is a safe investment as well. Overall we think it is worth a try at least once and the readers might just be pleasantly surprised.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the guarantee about?

    There is a 60-day 100% money-back guarantee for the product which makes it a safe investment as well. The creator has stated that if someone feels that they are not satisfied with their results, he will return their every penny as long as they mail him within 60 days for money back.

    How long is the program available for?

    Jacob has stated that as soon as the efficiency of the program is discovered by the commercial pharmaceutical companies, they will not be happy. This product utilizes a very easy and natural methodology using audio soundtracks to positively impact the brain and the drug companies might just shut it down to save their own market demand.

    My reading is not that strong. Will that be a problem?

    The manuals are in a very simplified manner and are easy to understand. So as long as you can read your way through very simple sentences, you will be absolutely fine.

    Is my credit card safe?

    Your credit card is totally safe. The website uses one of the top merchant processors that process over 26000 transactions daily and is highly trusted as well.

    I don’t own a printer. How do I print out the manuals?

    You don’t need to necessarily print out the manuals. The whole program is available in digital form and you can read it on your smartphone or laptop as well. If you don’t have either of them, you can pick one up from an electronic store for $10-$20. Nevertheless, it doesn’t matter if you read it digitally or not, it is still a very effective program.


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