Does The Brain In Male Function The Same As Females?

Genetic studies performed all over the world regarding various topics have brought forward a lot of advancements and new teachings regarding the human body itself.

Does The Brain In Male Function The Same As Females?

The Genetics of human beings are different at times than other human beings hence performing such studies on subjects reveals many things about different functioning or behaviors of the body. Many genetic studies are used to check a medical drug’s reaction or even cure diseases.

Does The Brain In Male Function The Same As Females?

What is genetics?

Genetics refers to the study of how genes and family traits are passed down from earlier generations to the upcoming generations of the family. The genes in our body contain information that could affect our health, appearance, and even personality. Apart from the things you learn while growing in life, genetics is what is passed on to you biologically by your ancestors to your parents and then to you. 

What is a gene?

The biological term gene is derived from the Greek word “Genos”, meaning generation or birth. It is just a basic unit of heredity from fore-fathers passed on generation-wise, these are a sequence of nucleotides in DNA, which works for the synthesis of a gene product which is RNA or protein.

Genetic studies and its aims.

Genetic studies are the scientific study about genes and heredity. These studies are very important because they help humans understand certain medical conditions and develop their cures. The study has shown us some unknown facts about our body and its functioning too.

Different brain functioning in Male and females.

According to Genetic studies conducted at the Stanford University of California, there are cognitive differences in the way men and women’s brain functions. 

Behavioral differences

In a study which was conducted on 34 rhesus monkeys, the male monkeys preferred toys that had wheels instead of plush toys. On the other hand, female monkeys liked the plush toys more than any other toy. For the money who never played with toys, the difference in choice with gender was seen which suggests that there are behavioral and preferential differences in them. Now on the human side of things, research was conducted which proved that boys and girls of 9 to 17 months old, when they can’t identify their gender they still showed differences while playing with toys. This happened as females stuck female-oriented toys and the male kids chose toys made for male kids.

Many other studies also confirm that while navigating females rely on landmarks whereas males rely on estimating the direction and distance traveled instead of relying on landmarks. Now with developing ways there is more evidence coming up through studies among men and women. 

How does the drain differ in males and females?

According to neuroscience, literature the brain is a sex-typed organ that has some distinct anatomy. The differences are as follows:-

• Lorry Cahill, Ph.D. in neurology and the behavior had found out that the adjusted total brain size of men is larger than women.

• He also found that the hippocampus which regulates learning and memorization is larger in women and also shows a different working pattern.

• Cahill also discovered that women’s left and men’s right amygdala is inactivity after a viewing experience and then while recalling the clips. 

• Studies also suggest that in a women’s brain both the hemispheres talk to each other more than a man’s brain does.

There are or more such examples to prove the genetic studies right about male and female brains functioning differently.

Why does the brain differ? 

There is more than one reason to determine why the brain differs gender-wise. Firstly both gender has different sex hormones, estrogen in females and testosterone in males which trigger different characteristics in men and women. This also results in some behavioral differences based on gender. Secondly, studies show that there are evidently different parts of the brain reacting differently to some situations resulting in different functioning too. 


The genetic study done by Nirao Shah of the Stanford University, California is done with some experiments and taking references from earlier experiments too. It does not fail to convince us with its studies being backed with proof. The study proves that human brain functioning does differ based on gender. 

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