The Latest Studies Found A New Variant Of Omicron BA.2

Since the Outbreak of the new variant of coronavirus in the world, various studies and research has been conducted by scientists and medical researchers around the globe. Also, the initial medical research showed that the omicron variant of the Covid 19 infection is less severe and highly contagious.

CDC Announced Its Latest Research Again Found The New Variant To Be Less Severe

The omicron subtype travels much faster and infects people at a much faster pace. On the other hand, the delta variant is considered the most lethal and highly severe strain of covid 19.

According to the data available with the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, due to the delta variant alone, more than 300,000 American Citizens have lost their lives and still, this old variant is targeting citizens with low immune power.

The Latest Studies Found A New Variant Of Omicron BA.2

It has been found that even if the severity and symptoms of the omicron are low, the initial two doses of the vaccine are not sufficient enough to handle the infection caused by the new strain in the human body.

According to the medical experts in the country, the new variant will be targeting around 140 million American citizens. The booster shots can help in reducing the number of cases and hospitalization rate and curbing the overall mortality rate.

Although the death rate is under control as compared to the previous strains of the coronavirus. Now the cases of the covid 19 virus have been reducing in some states of the USA and almost 27 states have started to report a peak in the omicron cases.

Now as per the latest updates available from the courses, a new variant of the omicron variant has been suspected by the World Health Organization. 

The new mutant is BA.2 and is the subtype of the omicron. But It must be considered that according to the WHO this new variant is less severe than the original omicron variant.

Although the studies are still under vigilance the efficiency & effectiveness of the BA.2 is still unknown and much evidence is required to prove whether it is severe or not. 

As per the healthcare officials, people must follow all the preventive measures and receive the vaccination at the earliest so that this variant will spread and people must be protected. The cases are increasing in various parts of the world and more are expected in the upcoming weeks.

The omicron variant has been attacking kids below 5 years old and the cases are increasing day by day. The children of 1-4 years are yet to receive the initial doses of the vaccines. 

In the United States, more than 71 million cases have been registered and around 870,000 American citizens have lost their lives due to the covid 19 virus.

The unvaccinated citizens are at major risk according to the medical experts and these non-vaccinated people must receive the two doses of vaccination as soon as possible and save their lives from the deadly combination of the delta and omicron.

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